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Odoo & Japanese Techniques for a radical and meaningful transformation of SMEs
Business Community Talk
Location: Foyer 500 - 10/13/22, 3:30 PM - 10/13/22, 4:00 PM (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)
Odoo & Japanese Techniques for a radical and meaningful transformation of SMEs
Mauricio Rodriguez-Martinez
Mauricio Rodriguez-Martinez

Mauricio is an expert in the digital transformation of growing companies.

He is an Industrial Engineer with postgraduate studies in Digital Marketing, Administration, Finance, and Quality Management in France, Spain, Mexico, and Japan. 

He has published World Class SMEsThe Results Maximization Method, and My Money Factory.

He developed the management methodology Moderniza® for the Secretary of Tourism of Mexico, which has more than 50,000 implementations. 

Since 2001 he has directed MIT-MUT, a company dedicated to systematizing the operation of SMEs in Iberoamerica with the implementation of the Odoo platform.

Odoo is a great tool, but it takes much more than an ERP to be successful in highly competitive markets.

Sometimes a company that does not have a good value proposition should start designing one. Companies sometimes lack teamwork or good culture, and software could not solve these issues.

In this talk, we share a system that uses Odoo and Japanese techniques of good management, quality, and productivity to transform a company.

We organize the talk into 5 challenges

  1. Attract prospects. To overcome this challenge, we use website apps, mail marketing, social marketing
  2. Convert prospects into customers. For this challenge, we use CRM and sales
  3. Products and services. In this challenge, we consider projects, manufacturing, point of sale, and e-commerce
  4. Human capital. We see the importance of e-learning and Odoo communication channels
  5. Cash flow and profits. We mainly see accounting.

The talk describes an online service we offer to small businesses that want to follow a path that provides meaningful digital transformation.