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Switching from SAP to Odoo to run a factory
Business Community Talk
Location: Foyer 500 - 10/14/22, 9:30 AM - 10/14/22, 10:00 AM (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)

Nicolas DENIS
Business Unit Manager Odoo at Idealis Consulting
Business Unit Manager Odoo at Idealis Consulting

Nicolas is responsible for the Odoo team at Idealis Consulting (>50 FTE). He is also in charge of business development. This talk will also be presented by the consultant Charly who worked on this project. He has been the functional Odoo consultant for this project. Alexandre, the technical manager of the project will also be present.

ACE is a factory specializing in manufacturing protective film & laminates with particularly high-quality requirements. Their products protect people in a wide range of applications, from surgical drapes and gowns to protective clothing, home insulation, protection, disposable hygiene items, and wound care. 

The factory in Liege has 100 collaborators. It operates 24/7 and runs 10 production lines in parallel. They manage with Odoo 30 manufacturing orders (MO) per hour (+- 140 000 over 6 months).

ACE was looking to replace SAP ERP to manage the plant and cover other key business processes. 

What were the expected benefits? 

More integration between processes to avoid double encoding and the loss of time or information.

More flexibility to make the tool evolve; be able to upgrade more quickly; work with a modern, user-friendly management tool that is part of a larger ecosystem (the Odoo universe). A tool cheaper than SAP.

What was the scope? 

Sales, Purchases, MRP | Production | Traceability, Inventory | Shipping | Labels, Planning, Accounting, Flows of approvals, Quality.

Our team installed and configured the Odoo suite of apps. We developed customized functionalities based on our experience in the Biotech sector & BI skills.

Our SMART ANALYTICS solution delivers several operational monitoring reports of the machines. The data is collected in real-time from the machines to the reports and linked to the theoretical production data (from the MO). These dashboards are fully integrated with Odoo, and accessible from an Odoo App.