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Lay down the foundation of a great payroll in the USA
Business Demo Community Talk
Location: Foyer 500 - 10/13/22, 10:00 AM - 10/13/22, 10:30 AM (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)

Lay down the foundation of a great payroll in the USA
Jared Kipe
President at Hibou Corp.
President at Hibou Corp.

Jared Kipe is the lead developer at Hibou, a US-based Odoo Partner. Hibou focuses on sustainable solutions, both out-of-the-box and through custom development, backed by enterprise-level support and user documentation. Hibou is also an avid contributor to the Odoo open-source community through their Hibou Odoo Suite: https://gitlab.com/hibou-io/hibou-odoo/suite

Learn how to implement or improve your payroll by integrating it with other parts of Odoo. This talk will include specific examples of Hibou’s open source software as well as examples of common custom rules needed to meet typical business use cases.

Introduction and laying the foundation of how great payroll can be with access to more information about your own employees.

We will show some pre-written example payroll salary rules to cover scenarios like:

- Garnishments or One-off withholdings
- Company Life or Health Insurance
- Bonuses or profit sharing

Many companies can improve their efficiency by handling payroll based on key metrics or data sources that they likely already have access to the inside of Odoo. Hibou’s Suite has open-source tools to pay employees based on the following:

- Attendances (with Leaves)
- Timesheet Entries (also with Leaves)
- Gamification Badges
- Retirement Savings (IRA, 401k, etc.)
- Commissions

Bonus Hibou open-source Payroll related modules that improve reporting and functionality:

- Payroll Payments - Configure and automate payment batch or direct deposit info
- Payroll YTD - Year to Date summary in Payslip Reports
- Date on Payslip Lines - Reporting module to aggregate payroll information during remittance