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Employee commissions made easy
Business Demo Community Talk
Location: Ambassador - 10/14/22, 10:30 AM - 10/14/22, 11:00 AM (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)

Employee commissions made easy
Kaylie Kipe
Vice President at Hibou Corp.
Vice President at Hibou Corp.

Kaylie Kipe is the lead business consultant at Hibou, a US-based Odoo Partner. Hibou focuses on sustainable solutions, both out-of-the-box and through custom development, backed by enterprise-level support and user documentation. Hibou is also an avid contributor to the Odoo open-source community through their Hibou Odoo Suite: https://gitlab.com/hibou-io/hibou-odoo/suite

Don’t strain yourself juggling spreadsheets and margin calculations; let Hibou Commissions do the heavy lifting for you! Simply set it and forget it while Commissions goes to work in the background, ensuring that your employees are automatically rewarded based on your company’s commissions criteria.

First up, we have the configuration to tackle! We’ll go through:

- Commissions journal configuration
- Setting if the commission should be confirmed on invoice validation or invoice payment
- Basis for commissions calculations
- Employee contracts

We’ll then walk through a live demo of how these settings play together during standard sales workflows to produce confirmed commissions that can be paid via Payroll (if managed in Odoo) and that your sales team can check on the status at any time, no manager required!

To close the talk, we’ll go one step further on configuration and live demo of additional commissions functionality that can be layered on the basics of what we just reviewed. This includes:

- Manually excluding products from commissions
- Automatically excluding products from commissions based on margin threshold
- Commissions structures on contacts to allow multi-employee commissions or overrides to the employee’s contract commission rate