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Creating and sustaining the digital economy: the journey of an Odoo Partner
Customer Success Story Community Talk
Location: Mezzanine 2000 - 10/13/22, 11:30 AM - 10/13/22, 12:00 PM (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)

Creating and sustaining the digital economy: the journey of an Odoo Partner
Lorcan Camps
Founder & CEO at Nio
Founder & CEO at Nio

Mr. Lorcan Camps is a technology entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience working in the USA, European, Caribbean, and Central American markets.

During this time, he built three technology companies (combined annual turnover > €80M) to help SMEs automate their operational and financial processes, successfully implementing hundreds of CRM and ERP solutions.

To fulfill a long-standing dream of creating a digital economy for T&T, he founded Nio Digital in 2020.
Nio provides open-source business automation software to SMEs and runs a digital training academy to upskill professionals.
Both are deemed essential to create and sustain a long-term digital economy.

This talk is about Lorcan's journey over the last ten years: discovering his professional purpose, learning difficult lessons, and gaining valuable insights, all of which have led to the launch of Nio Digital - an Odoo Gold Partner.

It starts by covering his background as an entrepreneur, building three successful companies:
1. Infotech: a SAP ERP provider
2. Inova: a Microsoft Cloud Service provider
3. Resonance: a Retail POS and Mobile commerce provider

During this time, he discovered some key insights:
- Proposed solutions look great on PowerPoint; however, the reality is always different
- The Cloud opportunity - ERP & CRM technology is tried and tested, ready to use, and affordable
- SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft commercial software is closed, expensive, and full of constraints, leaving no room for any true innovation
- Big companies can afford digital transformation, but SMEs can't, so they get left behind

The story then describes his journey to find solutions to overcome his disillusionment with and constraints of commercial software business models:
- Discovery of Open Source Software: Milan Digital, Europa.eu, Odoo, and India-based resources
- Tech Intensity: Software Development - creation vs. consumption
- Resource Constraints: train and mentor your team and develop them through real project experience
- The "last mile" or industry verticals for business applications is where all the value is
- Education is the way to lead with change
- You can bootstrap your startup finances

And then starting Nio:
- Forming and developing a global team in the Caribbean, USA, Europe, and India.
- Achieving Odoo Gold: the certification exam is hard to pass!
- Launching on his 3rd attempt, a digital business platform for SMEs comprising:
a) Odoo + industry verticals
b) Digital training academy
c) Digital business network

And finally - the launch of Nio in August 2022:
- Digitalizing SME companies can stimulate economic activity
- Positively impacting national GDP to double the digital economy
- An opportunity to diversify Trinidad and Tobago's present oil and gas-based economy into the digital economy