New Android Mobile App

New native app for phones featuring faster load times, native notifications, account management, and native widgets for date, time, email, phone, and relational fields.

Onboarding Tips

New onboarding tips showing a tour of tool-tips to help new users get started with Odoo.

Quick Creation

New mechanism to quickly create new records without leaving the kanban view. for CRM, Projects and Recruitment.

Access rights

Human Resources access rights have been split by apps: Recruitments, Timesheet, Appraisals, Leaves, Expenses.


New configuration planner for eCommerce. Existing planners have been improved too. Planners completion are now per company.

Keyboard navigation

New shortcuts and quick menu access / search feature.

Translations evolution

When updating a field that is translated in several languages, an alert warns the user to update translations.

Simplified configuration

Settings on the company form have been moved to the Configuration menu of the related app.

File Import

Improved import tool: auto-detect date locale and float formats, filter proposed fields based on values.


Easier configuration of multi-companies environments, and access rights. New company switcher in the top bar.

Developer mode

Improved developer mode with more features. Accessible from the Settings app.



All modules have been ported to the new API and the old API code has been deprecated, resulting in speed improvements in all modules.

Backend Optimization

Lots of performance optimizations in the backend: lazy breadcrumb, views caching, reduced RPC Calls, JS views caching, reduced css code.

Set a Favicon

Ability to set up a custom favicon in the settings of a website.

Sitio web

Huge improvements in the speed of web pages due to the QWeb compilation, page caching, and improved controllers code.


QWeb templates are now compiled for faster execution (between 2x and 5x). Several speed improvements in accounting reports.

Website Builder

New website editor

Web page editor redeveloped from scratch for an improved usability.

Themes cleaning

All official themes have been improved for a better usability editing the building blocks.

Customer Portal

New customer portal with issues, tickets, leads, quotations, sales orders, delivery orders and invoices.

Website Apps Icons

New icons for the apps related to the website builder.

New media manager

Improved media manager supporting binary files, videos, images and icons.

Blog Covers

Improved tool to customize blog covers: opacity, colored filters, customizable height, etc.

Comercio electrónico

Payment providers

All payment providers have been moved from Odoo ENTERPRISE to Odoo Community.

New Payment providers

New payment providers: Stripe (worldwide) and PayU Money (India).

eCommerce dashboard

New eCommerce dashboard integrated with google analytics. It includes statistics on sales, top products, etc.

Out of stock warning

Set a warning on your product pages to prevent ordering a product that is not available.

TaxCloud Integration

Integration with TaxCloud to compute the proper taxes automatically in the U.S. according to the address (zip, state) and products.

Order Confirmation

Several methods to confirm sales orders according to the payment method.

Product multi images

Set up multiple images for a product and/or for its variants.

Images magnifier

Click on a product image to zoom. This option should be activated through the top 'Customize' menu.

Product Configurator

As an option, attributes can create variants or not. This allows having attributes that are only used for a product configurator.

Track delivery number

Get the status of your delivery order directly in the customer portal with a link to the carrier tracking page.

B2B and B2C

A new option allows you to select how you want to display prices in your eCommerce: tax included or excluded.


New Yodlee Interface

Support for the new API of Yodlee to improve bank synchronization and error messages.

Terms & Conditions

Configure default terms and conditions on new invoices.


Ability to set up a dedicated sequence for customer refunds and vendor refunds.

Shipping Address

Ability to add a shipping address on customer invoices. This address comes directly from the sale order.


Improvements in the SEPA import tool for European payments.

Aged Payables/Receivables

Fold and unfold feature in the aged payables and receivables to expand a line and get the details of the customer/vendor.

Multi-level hierarchies

Added back a multi-level hierarchy option in the trial balance report.


Improved export of accounting reports to XLSX.

Reconciliation Models

Reconciliation models can now be configured in the chart of accounts template.


New statement to export FEC for France accounting.


New Camt.053 support to import bank statements from your bank.

CSV Statement Import

New tool to import CSV bank statements easily with detection of format and locales.

Unified Payments Mechanism

Unified payment mechanism for checks, direct debit, SEPA, recurring payments, credit card debit, etc.

Multi-level analytic & tags

Main reports (P&L, BS, Trial Balance) improved to filter on analytic accounts & tags. New report on analytic accounts. Ability to record tags at invoice, sale or journal entries level.

Full Reconciliation

New mechanism to handle full reconciliations (requirement for the FEC report).


Odoo Studio

Application builder

Create or customize applications without development and maintain your changes easily with upgrades. View the Studio App.

Reports Customization

Customize field labels with inline editing without a developer or use the integrated XML editor on QWeb report views for in-depth customization.

Translations Management

Update translations easily to localize your application in several languages.

Actions Editor

Customize actions: create new views, set default values, document your customizations, etc.

Screen designer

Customize forms and list views: add fields, customize fields properties, add widgets (notebook, chatter, button box, etc).

Automated Actions

Add business logic to your application, automate tasks with no development.

Menu Editor

Create new menus or modify existing ones to build your tailored applications easily.

Developer Mode

Use the developer mode to access advanced features: direct XML edition of views/reports, more options on fields, etc.



Better split between Kits and regular BoMs. Removed start and end dates on lines; replaced by BoM versioning.

Finite Capacity Scheduler

Schedule work orders based on the capacity of the work centers (MRP II Scheduling).

Manufacturing Orders

Manufacturing orders appear in the inventory dashboard and have a picking type to organize multiple assembly lines.

Push & Pull Rules

Use the new picking type to benefit from push and pull rules automations on manufacturing order.


New Master Production Schedule to plan future manufacturing orders.


Track your Overall Equipment Effectiveness with availability losses, performance losses and quality losses.

Work Center Tablets

Put a tablet on each work center to view worksheets, track production time, answer quality checks, scan serial numbers and trigger alerts.


New reports for: costing (based on theoretical or real values), traceability, OEE, maintenance and quality.

New Dashboard

New MRP dashboard to track performance and quickly access your main operations.


Gestión del ciclo de vida del producto


BoMs and Routing versioning integrated with ECOs, differences analysis.

Document management

Store documents directly on bill of materials and routings, and manage versions of these documents.

Engineering changes

Use Engineering Change Orders (ECOs) to track changes, manage versions, and define a validation process.


Quality Management

Control points

Automatically trigger quality checks at receptions, manufacturing operations or packing/delivery operations.

Quality Checks

Deploy your statistical process control easily with quality checks.

Quality alerts

Organize the quality team's work using the Kanban of quality alerts, fully integrated with emails.

Auto-generated Statistics

Use statistics to get reports about your quality issues and checks.



Preventive Maintenance

Trigger maintenance requests automatically based on KPIs: MTBF, MTTR, etc.

Corrective Maintenance

Trigger corrective maintenance directly from the work center control panel.


Schedule maintenance activities with a calendar for the maintenance team.


Get all maintenance statistics computed for you: mean time before failure, mean time to repair, overall equipment effectiveness.


Servicio de asistencia

Multiple Channels

Create tickets by email, through live chat sessions, from a website form, or connect third party applications.

Knowledge Base

Link you helpdesk to a public FAQ/Forum or a knowledge base with presentations, documents and videos.

Easy Configuration

A new way to configure apps: enable features, configure and access them on the same screen.

Claim Module Removed

The "Claim" module is replaced by Helpdesk (tickets), Project Issues (bugs) or Quality (in a manufacturing context).


Configure service level agreements and automate related checks and actions.

Tickets assignation

Configure how you assign tickets: manually, randomly or balanced between team members.

Customer Satisfaction

Automate customer satisfaction surveys to track team performance and improve feedback.


Get a full overview on your activity, next actions and performance.

CRM & Sale

VOIP Improvements

Integrated numpad in the VOIP to compose numbers or answer to PBX menus.

Leads: mark lost

New wizard to mark a selection of leads as lost in bulk and select a reason.

Cohort Analysis

Improved reports for recurring contracts, including a cohort analysis for churn and retention.

Pipeline Stages

Opportunities stages are now shared amongst all sales teams by default to ease configuration (you can still create different stages per team, from the developer mode).

Reseller Portal

Portal for partners or resellers to access forwarded leads easily.

Point of sale

Dependency with Sale

The Point of Sale module does not depend on the Sale module anymore.

Demo Data

New module to load demo data products (drinks) to quickly prepare a demo.


Better handling of exceptions to avoid blocking users (eg. like opening the same session twice).

Default opening balance

Fasten the cash control with a default opening balance.

Serial number

The point of sale interface supports scanning serial numbers for products requiring traceability.

Order transfer

Ability to transfer an order to another table for the restaurant environment.


Forecasts & Planning

Grid view to forecast or create users planning in addition to the existing Gantt view.


Support for project sub-tasks. Easy for delegation or splitting a job to do across different persons (should be activated from the developer mode).

Customer Satisfaction

Automate satisfaction surveys (ratings) periodically or at tasks/issues completion. Public dashboard to share your performance.


Barcode Scanner

Improved barcode scanner interface for mobile screens and better usablity.


Integrated with packaging. Packages taken into account in the delivery cost.

Inventory adjustments

Inventory on category of products and ease the started inventory of your product.

Multi-locations & Warehouses

Configuration for multi-locations &warehouses have been split. This allows to have a single warehouse with multiple locations or multiple warehouses with no location management.

Returns & Refunds

When returning products, optionally refund the customer and/or vendor.

Internal notes

Set internal notes on products and get these notes to appear when receiving or delivering products (eg. quality control reminder).


Ability to scan or set a package and its weight when processing a picking/delivery order. Useful for cost computation and label printing by carriers.


Barcode Management

Track attendees participation by scanning badges with the new barcode interface.

Email scheduling

Templates of emails improved.


Editable PoS

You can now modify purchase orders and expected receptions will adapt automatically.

Blanket Orders

Create blanket orders, order when you want, and track quantities according to the contract.

Purchase tender

Improved usablity for purchase tenders: easily create new offers, don't cancel tenders automatically.'

Templates of PO

Use purchase agreements to define templates of purchase orders. When creating a PO, you can load all products automatically.

Hojas de horas

Grid view

New Grid view introduced to easily manage matrix of records. Recording timesheets is now faster with this grid view.

Project based

Timesheets are now based on projects and tasks, not anymore on analytic accounts.

Invoicing policy

A new option has been introduce to invoice timesheets based on validation, not on creation. Useful to invoice timesheets weekly or monthly.


Tablet Ui

Put a tablet at your company entrance, and manage attendances with badges or code.


Print badges with barcodes and sign in/out by scanning the badges.

PIN support

Sign In/Out using a PIN code per employee.

Mass Mailing

Themes & Styles

Mass mailing now support themes (pre-made mailings) and styles for the choice of colors and images.

New themes

Four themes and styles are available by default.

New editor

The mass mailing editor has been redeveloped from scratch to improve its usability.

Building Blocks

All building blocks, and the designer have been reviewed to improve the creation of a mailing.


Recipients tracking

Check the status of mail sent and track external recipient on emails

Live chat Rating

Let your customer leave his feedback about your company services through the live chat.


Mentions are now supported in the discuss widget on documents, to easily notify other people.

Canned responses

Define canned responses to quickly answer most common questions in the live chat (use ":").

Chat Commands

New mechanism of commands. Start a link with "/" to get the list of chat commands.


Expense reports

Submit your expenses in bulk to your manager, using expense reports.


Improved reimbursement mechanism with a one-click payment wizard.


Attach photos of expenses, and easily control attachements on expense reports.

Portal de correo electrónico

Send a picture of your expense by email and Odoo will create the expense automatically for you.