NextLink Group: Using Odoo to grow turnover 2,5 times

Company : NextLink Group
Location : Switzerland
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IT-Services and IT consulting
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Employees, Sales, Accounting, Project, Discuss ​and more…
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On Premise

Do you know NextLink? It’s a technology company with its HQ based in Switzerland. Having a global presence, they specialize in providing innovative solutions for businesses. Their expertise lies in custom software development, IT consulting, and cloud solutions, catering to enterprises of all sizes.  

Despite being a major global IT service provider, NextLink faced challenges managing their contracts and invoices efficiently. With a growing customer base, they initially relied on Excel and local accounting software at each country's headquarters, leading to operational bottlenecks and increased complexity as the company expanded.  

Before switching to Odoo, NextLink encountered three main operational challenges:

  • A lack of an ERP software for CRM and HR processes, leading to complicated decision-making processes. 
  • Manual contract management, involving 350 contracts yearly, resulting in data inconsistencies and lots of wasted time. 
  • Multi-company invoicing complexities with subsidiaries in different countries, requiring extensive manual effort for creating 1500–2500 invoices annually. 

We have determined goals to achieve major improvements to NextLinks workflow: Streamlining contract and resource management, automating invoices, and consolidating all processes for optimal efficiency.  

Darya Zykova • Business Analyst at VentorTech Odoo partner

Recognizing the need for change, NextLink has set three primary goals: 

  • Automating contracts and resource management
  • Creating timely and accurate invoices
  • Centralizing these processes for better efficiency.


They chose to initiate the implementation in phases, beginning with General Settings, CRM, Sales, TimesheetsApproval and Invoicing

NextLink achieved significant improvements and benefits through the Odoo ERP system implementation:

Efficient invoicing: Integration of Sales, Project and Timesheets apps in Odoo enabled timely and accurate invoicing, overcoming the challenges of multi-company structures.

Consolidated reporting:  Custom solutions were implemented to address gaps in multi-company management, providing consolidated reporting and eliminating the need for Excel tables.

Access Rights Management:  Specific groups and settings for access rights were developed to meet the client's requirements, preventing unauthorized changes and ensuring responsible personnel handled contract creation.

Financial Overview:  Special prefixes in Odoo's chart of accounts enhanced clarity for accountants in a multi-company structure, offering a clear overview of financial flows.

By investing in Odoo ERP and customizing it to their specific needs, NextLink Solutions transformed their business processes, achieving remarkable efficiency and significant time savings. You can find a detailed overview of this case in the full success story. If you're facing similar challenges, consider exploring how Odoo ERP can propel your business to new heights.  

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