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Red Lab Media
110 Timberwood Drive
Glenshaw, PA 15116
Statele Unite

Red Lab Media

Our Growing Digital Agency

Located in Pittsburgh, PA USA, Red Lab Media specializes in web design and development, web hosting, inbound marketing, ERP business application implementation, and custom web application development for businesses and community organizations in a wide range of markets.

Applications We Support

  • Odoo- All Applications

  • WordPress

  • Joomla

What's Our Story

We developed our core team in 1996 and have built hundreds of custom web applications and websites for companies in numerous industries.  In 2012 we changed our name from Creative Web Technologies and rebranded ourselves to Red Lab Media to reflect our growing market experience as well as the constant evolution of our company.  

What We Value

At Red Lab Media, what we value most is our customers.  Our customer's experience, satisfaction, and success are paramount to our company goals.  We see ourselves as problem solvers and strive to help identify the problems and needs of our client and create the solutions they need to achieve their own goals and successes for their company.  Our successes are defined by their successes so we are vested in every aspect of ensuring their online presence will prevail.

What's Our Mission

Our mission is to make web-based technology accessible and affordable to small business and local community organizations.  We not only want small businesses and organizations to be able to benefit from all the available technology and web marketing we have to offer but also help them to understand the processes and how it can help grow their company.  In short, our mission is our customer and providing them with affordable tools that can help them achieve the success that they strive for.

Take the First Step Today

  1. Start your business on the road to a successful online presence today by taking the first step and contacting us today to schedule a free SEO audit of your website.  We will provide you with information on your current standings in the online world and what steps we can provide to help you improve those results and get your company noticed.


Arrow Crating and Packaging
Formed in March 2008, recently established but long on experience, with over 40 years background in the Military and Industrial Packaging Industry, our support team is ready to give our customers consistent savings with quality products.
ChemDAQ Incorporated
ChemDAQ was incorporated in 2006 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with the vision of ensuring the continued safe use of hazardous chemicals by monitoring the environment where people work. Cutting-edge gas detection systems, designed and manufactured by ChemDAQ, were initially used in hospital and medical device sterilization operations in the United States. ChemDAQ has broadened their reach outside the US and now has monitoring systems in hundreds of hospital sterile processing departments, meat processing and aseptic packaging plants and med-device mfrs. throughout the US, Europe and Asia.
Longwall Services
Longwall Services is dedicated to doing our part to help clean up the world by providing glass recyclers with the equipment they need. We strive to reduce our impact on the environment by reusing coal mining machinery in our recycling program. Our company is continually striving to improve our services to help make the world a better place.
M. Maskas & Sons, Inc.
Family owned and operated for over 90 years, M. Maskas & Sons Distributors provides candy, snack foods, paper products, food service supplies and janitorial maintenance supplies throughout the Greater Pittsburgh area.

They believe in combining exceptional personal service, quality products and dependable delivery to bring the best value to their customers. Their inventory of thousands of products and a network of partnerships with industry leading manufacturers provides an extensive selection of quality products at a single source.
Mutual wheel
Mutual Wheel Company has eleven locations in Illinois and Iowa with our main warehouse and corporate offices based in Moline, Illinois.

Each location has a full-service parts department that can handle all of your truck parts, accessories and tool requirements, and several offer truck service bays. Our service facilities are staffed by ASE certified technicians who can keep your truck running safely down the road. Services range from replacing an air brake valve to straightening a bent frame.

Our Moline, Illinois facility is also home to our brake shop where we produce many thousands of our "Top Performance" lined brake shoes every year for tractor-trailer applications. Our strict quality controls have earned us a reputation as a top-quality brake supplier. These high quality standards have proven to give our customers lower costs per mile when compared to other supplier's marginal quality brake shoes.
Paul Wissmach Glass Factory
The Paul Wissmach Glass Company, Inc. is making glass since 1904, in Paden City, West Virginia, USA. We constantly introduce new colors and types of glass to meet the demands of today’s glass artists and designers.

Making glass is a hot business, both literally and figuratively. The factory has 14 brick furnaces that use natural gas to heat the limestone, soda ash and sand to 2,200°F (1,200°C). Different mixtures of ingredients create the distinct Wissmach colors. After heating, workers scoop the molten glass from the furnace and wheel it over to the glass press where a roller presses it into one of the 18 patterns that the company produces. The glass then travels down a 125 foot conveyor through a temperature controlled kiln called a lehr. The purpose of the lehr is to anneal the glass, or slowly and evenly cool it, to give the glass its durability and to prevent shattering or heat related breaking. At the end of the conveyor, workers carefully remove the cooled sheet of glass and cut it to the appropriate size.
Pittsburgh Trophy Company
Our goal is to be renowned in the industry for building trusting relationships by actively listening, responding in a timely manner, delivering quality products and personalized service to meet the needs of our clients.
Thomas W. Bailey
Professional Ethics In-Service for Educators