Zipfit LLC

Zipfit LLC

Makers of the world’s best ski boot liner.

ZipFit founder, Sven Coomer was the first to use open and closed cell foams in ski boot liners, and the first to abandon these materials. He switched his focus to a natural product and developed a proprietary cork composite material called OMFit to use as fill in the liners.

ZipFit aims to build meaningful relationships with ski shops, athletes, and customers, sourcing feedback and ideas to create the best products and an accessible, inclusive brand.

ZipFit liners are handmade in Montebelluna, Italy by the world’s best artisan boot makers. Using the highest quality materials, a complete understanding of foot morphology in skiing, and their proprietary OMFit cork, ZipFit craft ski boot liners that are uncompromising in their performance, fit, and durability.

The price of a pair of ZipFits reflects the labor of their master boot makers, the cost of premium materials, and a construction that has no planned obsolescence.

The value of a pair of ZipFits improves with every day of skiing in comfortable boots. Skiers who ski in ZipFits say it best.