Oleh Fedkiv

Oleh Fedkiv

Hey Joy was launched in 2020 with the opening of a fun, modern store in Mall of America. Hey Joy’s Ukrainian and American founders created the one-stop concept to discover, try and buy what a child loves.

In addition to traditional global toy brands, Hey Joy offers Ukrainian-made brands including Wise Elk, Cubika, Artwille and Yummy Joy.

Prior to opening their own retail stores, the founders of Hey Joy began selling their most popular brands (Wise Elk and Artwille) online and through U.S.-based retailers in 2016. These products and more can be found at Nordstrom, Barnes and Noble, and over 1,000 U.S. retailers today.

Hey Joy manages Inventory, Purchase and Sales in Odoo. Also the company launched three stores with Odoo Point of Sale. Odoo is a great solution for Hey Joy to manage business online from different cities and countries.