Wired for Success: BIESA's collaboration with Odoo

Company Name: BIESA

Location: Mexico

Industry: Industrial Engineering

Apps Implemented: Sales, Purchase, Inventory

Company size: 41

Number of users: 3

Hosting Type: Saas

Electrical Engineering Buffet (BIESA) is known for its wealth of experience in the industry, along with their undying commitment to excellence.

Founded in 1982, the company has specialized in meeting the growing demand for services generated by various industrial parks in Saltillo-Ramos Arizpe, Saltillo-Derramadero, and Saltillo-Arteaga. Its influence also extends to strategic points in other states of the Republic, with a particular focus on the industrial sector.

Getting to Know Odoo: A Step Towards Modernization

In the face of significant growth, BIESA recognized the need to digitize and modernize its internal processes. As a family-owned company, the transition to a more efficient organization required an advanced solution. The search for an ERP system led BIESA to Odoo, selected for its comprehensive functionality and expandability. Noelie Baille, a representative of BIESA, emphasizes: "Once we decided to contract Odoo, we started working with one area, but we like that it has given us the option to expand to many others."

Implementation and the Best of Odoo

Noelie Baille praises the Odoo implementation process, describing it as "very user-friendly" and highlighting the patience and kindness of the Odoo team in addressing their queries. Although the process is still ongoing, BIESA has already started testing Odoo.

BIESA has experienced notable advantages since adopting Odoo, especially in the inventory area. Noelie Baille shares: "What we have achieved is that we could implement a barcode and with that locate where to place and know exactly which project it goes to, positioning ourselves in space." Inventory management has become more efficient, allowing them to conduct more precise cost analyses and optimize their business operations.

Recommendation and Future Outlook

"Knowing exactly what went to which project and being able to better analyze costs are the aspects we have been able to benefit from the most. Working with Odoo will definitely impact in favor of our business goals," adds Noelie Baille. With a clearer and more accessible inventory, BIESA has gained a more specific insight into its products, adjusting costs and determining business strategies more precisely.

Noelie concludes: "I would 100% recommend Odoo to other companies because it is a tool that adapts to your needs. It gives you what you need, and you can expand. Besides, using it is very user-friendly."


Currently, BIESA has expanded its services to the metal-mechanical area, including the manufacture of hardware. Their commitment lies in building power distribution systems to bring their clients' production to life through electrical installations, trained personnel, quality materials, and cutting-edge technology.

The collaboration between BIESA and Odoo has provided BIESA with a comprehensive platform that has allowed the effective digitization and modernization of its internal processes. This synergy has strengthened strategic decision-making by streamlining cost analysis, thus contributing to the success of BIESA.

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