Unlocking Efficiency: Fabbro's Journey with Odoo

Company Name: Fabbro

Location: Mexico

Industry: Locksmith

Apps Implemented: Website, eCommerce, employees, sign, expenses, and more.

Company size: Small Organization

Number of users: 2

Hosting Type: Online

Fabbro stands as the premier solution for all locksmith service requirements, offering top-notch products and unparalleled assistance across Mexico. With a commitment to quality, secure transactions, and personalized service, Fabbro is the go-to choice for automotive, residential, and commercial locksmith needs.

Specializing in car key programming, and boasting the lowest prices on products and services, Fabbro ensures customers receive the utmost value for their locksmith requirements. 

Moreover, Fabbro prides itself on offering the best wholesale prices for locksmith distribution in the market, reaffirming its dedication to affordability and accessibility.

Transitioning to Odoo: A Game-Changer

Before integrating Odoo into their operations, Fabbro encountered challenges with their previous system, including limited accessibility across devices and cumbersome usability. Upon discovering Odoo through extensive research, Fabbro recognized the platform's potential to revolutionize their operations.

The decision to partner with Odoo was solidified by the platform's rapid responsiveness, user-friendly interface, and comprehensive functionality. Spearheading the implementation process, Ibeth Torres Camacho, a representative of Fabbro, commends Odoo for its simplicity and modernity, emphasizing its capacity to enhance efficiency and minimize errors.

With Odoo, they are be able to see the inventory they have in all the different cities in which they operate. 

"At the same time the store was open, I needed to be able to see the inventory in Saltillo or in Monterrey, for example. And Odoo made that much easier for me," shared Ibeth Torres Camacho.

Maximizing Efficiency with Odoo

Since adopting Odoo, Fabbro has experienced a significant improvement in operational efficiency. By consolidating all processes into a single system and automating tasks, Fabbro has more time for other activities. 

The seamless integration of inventory management, and point-of-sale functionalities, has expedited sales processes, and facilitated smoother transactions, empowering Fabbro to deliver unparalleled service to its clientele.

"It's very quick because it's like scanning, it's like taking a supermarket to someone's doorstep. When I visit a customer in another state of the country, I bring many different pieces or products from different categories, and Odoo makes the sales process much easier for me," adds Ibeth Torres.

Unlocking Success with Odoo's Tools

Among Odoo's tools, Inventory and Point of Sale have emerged as invaluable assets for Fabbro. Besides this, the user-friendly interface and intuitive design have garnered praise from employees of all ages, underscoring Odoo's universal appeal and adaptability. 

Ibeth Torres Camacho mentioned that, at Fabbro, they would recommend other companies to work with Odoo because of these advantages; "...there are older people in the company who manage to understand how the system works. I think it can work for anyone."

Fabbro appreciates the streamlined processes facilitated by Odoo, which have simplified operations and enhanced overall control without the need for manual intervention.

About Fabbro

Fabbro is a comprehensive locksmith service provider offering top-quality products and assistance for automotive, residential, and commercial needs throughout Mexico. Their collaboration with Odoo is characterized by efficient inventory management, streamlined sales processes, and personalized customer service. By leveraging Odoo's modern ERP system, Fabbro ensures seamless operations, from inventory tracking to point-of-sale transactions, ultimately delivering unmatched value and convenience to their clients.

Learn more at:https://cerrajeriabyfabbro.com/

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