Stylish Success: Delta Furniture’s Odoo Journey with Brainvire

Location/Region: Dubai

Industry: Furniture

Apps Implemented: Sales and Purchase

Number of Users: 10-15

Company Size: 30-40

Hosting: On-premise

Implementation Partner: Brainvire Infotech Inc.

Implementation Timeline: 1 year

Delta Furniture traces its origins back to 1989, when it was originally known as “Fantastic Furniture.” Beginning with reupholstery services for furniture retailers, the company has emerged in recent years as a key provider of bespoke furniture. In 1994, a strategic relocation and rebranding to Delta Furniture set the stage for three decades of unparalleled craftsmanship.

The company’s journey, marked by a commitment to excellence, has continued to flourish over the past 19 years, encompassing the delivery of 10,880+ orders across 6+ countries. Delta Furniture specializes in crafting chairs, sofa sets, sectional sofas, Arabic Majles, curtains, draperies, headboards, and more. Beyond its extensive product range, the company offers services such as reupholstery, refurbishment, paintwork, contract furnishings, and procurement of textiles and accessories.

As the company has grown and evolved over the years, Delta’s need for better operational tools has also grown. They began looking into enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to enhance their operational efficiency. Specifically, they hoped to boost employee productivity, improve customer service outcomes, and streamline their departmental processes, especially their sales process, project tracking, and reporting capabilities. Odoo, and their partner, Brainvire, rose to meet Delta Furniture’s needs for a more streamlined workflow.

The sales hurdles and customer experience challenges faced during Delta Furniture’s pre-Odoo journey

Before Odoo, Delta Furniture encountered various challenges in their daily workflow that prompted them to find an alternative software solution. Several of these issues arose in the sales process. The ability to manage and track changes in the quotation history was lacking, making it difficult to record and monitor deviations or revisions in the sales process. The absence of a structured method for reviewing and approving sales orders hindered operational control, leading to delays and inconsistencies in order fulfillment. 

Regarding customer experience, users of Delta Furniture’s customer portal - a vital interface for the company’s clients - reported difficulties navigating the platform, resulting in negative impacts on the buying process. When it became clear that several critical steps along the sales journey were flawed, Delta Furniture turned to Brainvire to solve their problems.

Transforming Delta Furniture's sales journey with Odoo

Upon hearing Delta Furniture’s specific roadblocks, Brainvire felt confident that Odoo would be a fitting solution to address these concerns. Given that a lack of structure in the sales process was one of the company’s biggest pain points, addressing this issue, in particular, was one of Brainvire’s top priorities.

Organizing the CRM process

The Odoo CRM app made an immediate impact in terms of organization, allowing salespeople to customize lead stages and move opportunities from one stage to the next. Additionally, the ability to schedule activities, and automatically convert opportunities to quotations in the Sales application, simplified a once complex process.

With a comprehensive dashboard giving the company a 360-degree view of opportunities, quotations, sales orders, and revenue progress, Delta Furniture can better make strategic decisions to meet monthly revenue targets. 

Some other sales-specific features, in particular, helped Delta Furniture optimize its overall sales process:

  • Customer Management: Comprehensive handling of customer data, including additional fields and defined payment terms.
  • Sales Price List: Flexible pricing strategies based on criteria such as customer type, product, and attributes.
  • Quotation Processing: Considers existing products, historical data, and fabric details; triggers notifications for fabric purchases.
  • Approvals: Involves account manager and customer approvals through email/WhatsApp links, with a feedback mechanism.
  • Quotation Revisions: Created post-customer rejection, managing a unique revision number range.
  • Order Confirmation: Converts approved quotations into confirmed sales orders with printable orders displaying customer signatures.
  • Units of Measurement: Configurable units for product quantity measurement with conversion capabilities.
  • Proforma Invoice: Generates estimated invoices for customer orders, including essential details, such as goods, quantity, value, and transportation charges.

Streamlining delivery management and reporting with Odoo

Odoo was also able to help make Delta Furniture’s delivery management system more integrated and intuitive. The moves history, within the Reporting tab of the Inventory application, gave the company the ability to track the movement, transfers, and adjustments of products within the system. Receipt generation upon product delivery to customers, or internal locations, furthermore gave Delta proper documentation of all completed deliveries. 

Enhancing customer experience through Odoo website integration

As the company emphasized, their customer experience was another pain point, particularly around the customer portal. The customer portal caused issues for some users, creating roadblocks during critical steps of the buying process. Brainvire was able to set Delta Furniture up with the Odoo Website application, which allowed the company to design and customize its brand website for an elevated customer experience. Now, customers can easily make cash payments or bank transactions, depending on their specific needs, and resulting eCommerce orders are synchronized with the company’s backend– meaning all pertinent order details are automatically translated into fulfillment orders.

Maximizing marketing impact through integrated social media management

Additionally, with their Odoo implementation, Delta Furniture can now leverage the software’s social media marketing capabilities to boost customer engagement and product promotion. For example, they have the ability to oversee the number of followers and visitors on each of their specific social media pages, with detailed insights such as website visitor numbers, last action times, visit frequency, page types, lead/opportunity counts, and chat interactions. Their social media is now seamlessly integrated with the Odoo CRM application – meaning leads are organically generated from engaged visitors interacting with the posted content, enhancing the brand's overall marketing effectiveness.

Optimizing sales operations and customer communication through WhatsApp business integration

Lastly, Delta Furniture has taken full advantage of WhatsApp Business integration with Odoo. Utilizing an API, customer messages received on WhatsApp are automatically converted into new leads within the Odoo system, saving their sales team time and energy by eliminating the need to input WhatsApp customer information manually. With two-way syncing, details and chat logs are updated in real time, ensuring the most accurate and up-to-date information. 

Not only has this WhatsApp integration helped with generating leads, but it expedites the sales process, as well. Odoo users can send quotations directly to customers within WhatsApp itself, leveraging the platform to communicate pricing and proposal details directly. Customers can then approve or reject quotations within WhatsApp. When sales are completed, Delta Furniture employees can share invoices directly with customers through WhatsApp, providing a convenient and effective way to share transaction details. All of these actions taken within WhatsApp are reflected automatically in the Odoo database.

A streamlined business workflow with Odoo

Delta Furniture achieved transformative results in its business processes, thanks to Odoo, and its strategic partnership with Brainvire. The company’s CRM and sales processes were organized, while the customer portal and brand website underwent a significant overhaul. Integration with third-party apps, such as WhatsApp and social media sites, allowed for the entire sales journey to be expedited - from the automatic generation of leads to the ability to send invoices through WhatsApp itself. As Delta Furniture flourishes, Odoo and Brainvire are equipped to grow with it, meeting its changing needs as the company continues down the road of success.

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