From Lab Supplies to Digital Solutions: Deslab's Odoo Success Story

Company Name: Deslab

Location: Mexico

Industry: Services

Apps Implemented: Inventory, Sales, Purchase, CRM, and more

Company size: 15

Number of users: 6

Hosting Type: Odoo Online

Deslab is a leading distributor of products for clinical, research, veterinary, and corporate laboratories. With over 15 years of experience, they specialize in supplying supplies and equipment for blood banks, providing high-quality consulting and maintenance services. Their mission is to contribute to the development and automation of laboratories and blood banks by providing exceptional service and utilizing technologies that lead their clients to excellence.

Digital Transformation with Odoo

In their quest to optimize business management, Deslab decided to transition to a more efficient ERP system. When they first discovered Odoo, they quickly realized it was the comprehensive solution they were looking for. 

Their main goal was to improve processes in CRM and Invoicing. After conducting detailed research online, they inevitably landed on Odoo, which not only fulfilled these desired functionalities, but also led them to discover even more useful tools.

After evaluating different ERP systems, Deslab chose Odoo for its versatility and ability to integrate all their processes and data. The implementation process, which lasted approximately one and a half months, allowed them to reorganize their operations and gain greater control over key areas such as marketing and distribution.

Maximizing Odoo’s Benefits

Edgar A. Mondragón, Director of Operations at Deslab, highlighted the usefulness of various Odoo tools, such as CRM, invoicing, accounting, and document signing, which have enhanced Deslab's operational efficiency in countless ways. 

With two different areas, one for quality control and one for distribution, the system has simplified their ability to separate these two areas, as if they were two companies operating with a single billing system. 

Edgar mentioned: “This has made it much easier to separate what work is being done in the quality area, and what work we are doing as a distributor. So, that has helped us a lot”.

Clear visualization of their processes has provided them with a better understanding of their numbers, leading to more informed decisions and a positive impact on their business goals.

The Director of Operations at Deslab mentioned that what he likes most about working with Odoo is the integration of different areas in a simple, intuitive way. For this reason, he recommends other companies work with Odoo. To put it plainly, he summarized his experience with the award-winning ERP in one word: "productive." 

After Odoo provided everything they were looking for (and more), Deslab feels extremely motivated to continue discovering and implementing additional Odoo tools in the future. 

About Deslab

Deslab is a leading distributor of products for clinical, research, veterinary, and corporate laboratories, with over 15 years of experience in the industry. Their collaboration with Odoo has enabled a successful digital transformation, optimizing business management through the integration of key processes, such as CRM, invoicing, and document signing, all of which have boosted operational efficiency and strengthened their competitiveness in the market.

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