From Classroom to Workplace: Alliance between CECyT No. 8 and Odoo

The Centro de Estudios Científicos y Tecnológicos No. 8 "Narciso Bassols" (CECyT No. 8) is a higher secondary education institution that offers a variety of technical careers, including Computer Technician, Plastics Technician, Industrial Maintenance Technician, and Automotive Systems Technician. Upon completing the 6 semesters of study, students receive a high school certificate accrediting them as Technicians, with the option to continue their studies at higher education institutions to obtain a bachelor's degree.

CECyT No. 8 is distinguished by its constant innovation in study plans, along with its wide array of academic endeavors that they offer. Additionally, it has excelled in various academic, cultural, and sporting events, all while making a mark as a reference in the educational field.

The Beginning of the Alliance

The collaboration between Odoo and CECyT No. 8 was forged in late 2023, thanks in large part to the brilliant people over at SOLITECH. Following CECyT No. 8's interest in the Odoo platform, SOLITECH facilitated contact with Odoo's educational marketing team, and the rest is history.

Odoo's educational marketing team is responsible for promoting the platform's educational program, establishing links with higher secondary institutions and other educational establishments. 

This team, led by Alan Arcos and José Carlos Pardo, provides support in specific training, according to the academic programs of the associated institutions. Initially, they were the ones who held informational sessions with CECyT No. 8's executives, in order to properly present Odoo's educational program and its wealth of benefits.

Odoo's Educational Program: Training and Talent Development

Gilberto Flores, Interim Director of CECyT No. 8, emphasizes, "Odoo's Educational Program will allow our students to become familiar with these systems, obtain certifications, and enable our teachers to be trained to promote these tools that our students must master."

Odoo's educational program aims to disseminate the platform and train professionals capable of using it, aligning knowledge with the corresponding academic programs. It is expected that upon graduation, students will be able to apply their Odoo skills in the workplace, whether in companies that use this technology, in collaboration with an Odoo partner, or by undertaking their own projects.

Enrique, a student in the Computer Technician program at CECyT No. 8, shared his experience with Odoo, "I used Odoo in the 5th semester for the Web Portal Creation subject. It was very intuitive software. I found it very easy to use. Currently, thanks to the agreement, I am going to get certified with Odoo, and I know that, in the future, it will help us -- not only me, but future generations of this same career."


Working with Odoo

After the decision to establish the alliance with Odoo, the educational marketing team analyzed CECyT No. 8's academic offerings to integrate Odoo into the corresponding subjects. 

Maribel Peña Trigueros, President of the Programming Academy, highlights Odoo's versatility to create personalized classes, share materials, and keep academic records, as well as being an open-source platform that allows students to develop their own applications.

The benefits of Odoo's educational program for CECyT No. 8 include unlimited educational licensing, cloud storage, free technical support, specific training (according to the subjects taught), and free certifications in different versions of Odoo. Additionally, they conduct workshops and industrial visits to Odoo's offices.

Fanny Contreras, Interim Subacademic of CECyT No. 8, expressed her enthusiasm for signing the agreement with Odoo, highlighting how it will provide benefits to both teachers and students. Contreras is beyond confident that Odoo will help facilitate their inevitable insertion into the workforce, and strengthen their overall professional capabilities.

About CECyT No. 8 Narciso Bassols

The Centro de Estudios Científicos y Tecnológicos No. 8 "Narciso Bassols" (CECyT No. 8) is a higher secondary education institution, offering various technical careers. 

It entered into an agreement with Odoo to integrate the platform into its academic offerings, training students and teachers how to use the popular business tool. The agreement aims to prepare students for the workforce, and strengthen their professional skills, by familiarizing them with enterprise management systems, like Odoo.

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