Eurovets are elevating their business with Odoo Enterprise

Company Name: Eurovets Veterinary Medicines LLC

Location: Dubai, UAE

Industry: Veterinary Supplies, Animal Health, Wholesaler, Distributor

Main Apps Implemented: Accounting, Inventory, Sales, E-commerce, Website

Name of Implementation Partner: Oakland 

Company Size : 35-40 employees


About Eurovets Veterinary Medicines LLC

Founded in 2008, Eurovets quickly grew to become the leading wholesale distributor of veterinary supplies in the UAE. They offer a comprehensive premium product range at highly competitive prices for small as well as large animal practices. The team at Eurovets is on a mission to continuously expand their extensive portfolio of premium and innovative products, and added value services. Recognized as leaders in their field, they are one of the exhibitors at the prestigious Dubai International Horse Fair, which is followed by the extravagant Dubai World Cup that occurs yearly in the month of March.

From Odoo Community to Odoo Enterprise

The Odoo journey began after Eurovets migrated from SAP Business One to Odoo Community in order to have access to a better priced and flexible ERP option. After successfully utilizing the community version, the new expansion of the business required an upgrade. With new clients and business opportunities arising, moving into an automated solution became necessary. With no technical support included in the Odoo Community version, Eurovets had to put in time and effort to go through the vast information available on the online forums, in Youtube videos, and other various FAQs available. Being already acquainted with Odoo’s software, switching to a more comprehensive plan was an easy step for the team to make.

A new easy and effective B2B e-commerce site was set up on the Odoo platform allowing to successfully solve the intricate expiry date problem relating to medical products. When it comes to medical inventory, it is crucial to ensure all the expiry dates are monitored carefully and accurately. In the case of Eurovets, with the help of Odoo, they set up an automated solution, which allows for a promotional push to occur for products that are approaching their expiry date while simultaneously informing their supplier to move the products away from the non-expired stock. Additionally, Eurovets rely on demand planning, which is used as an effective tool to forecast the inventory needed based on the demand, always ensuring that they have sufficient stock available by generating automatic purchasing requirements when inventory is running low. 

The financial reports are now sent out to the board automatically on a weekly basis giving crucial visibility of the company and helping take business decisions regarding the needed growth direction. While the merging of the Outlook application and Odoo allows the sales team to cut time and to be effective, efficient, and better equipped to tend to customers needs. Previously, they used Outlook separately, manually requiring them to schedule appointments and keep track of customer information in different formats.

Additionally to these two, Eurovets were able to automate their basic Lead Nurturing to Cash business cycle as well. Currently, 24 employees use the system, from Finance to Operations through to the Sales team. One of the most valuable traits of Odoo software is that it’s user-friendly so the simple and intuitive design of the applications have allowed the employees to adjust smoothly and quickly.

With the help of Odoo’s Gold Partners, Oakland, Eurovets are equipped with an ERP system that’s intuitive and will be able to easily scale up as the business grows, automating more and more processes, allowing Eurovets to focus on what truly matters to them.

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