CANTAB Raises Business Efficiency with Odoo

Company Name: CANTAB

Location: Mexico City

Industry: Construction

Apps Implemented: CRM, Expenses, Project, Planning, Accounting, and more

Number of users: 21

Hosting type: Odoo Online

CANTAB is a group of companies in Mexico known for distributing high-gloss and super-matte boards and edges of European origin. This group has not only excelled in delivering top-quality products, they have also optimized their internal processes through the implementation of Odoo, a comprehensive ERP system.

Innovation in European Quality Distribution

CANTAB has established itself as a benchmark in the distribution of European-origin products, specifically in the field of high-gloss and super-matte boards and edges. Their focus on offering maximum quality products has gained the trust of kitchen manufacturers, furniture companies, interior designers, and construction projects throughout Mexico. 

The key to their success lies in the careful selection of top-tier materials and a constant commitment to elegance, luxury, and distinct interior design.

Overcoming challenges with Odoo

The growth of CANTAB brought forth unforeseen operational challenges, especially in accounts receivable management and accurate customer balance accounting. The search for an effective solution led CANTAB to discover Odoo, an ERP system that has become the backbone of their business efficiency.

Since implementing Odoo, CANTAB has undergone a noticeable transformation in their operations. With Odoo, they have strengthened customer relationships, enabling more effective accounts receivable management and providing real-time visibility into customer balances. 

Furthermore, the ability to monitor inventory efficiently has optimized their logistical operations, contributing to a more agile and adaptable supply chain.

Almost a year of success with Odoo

After nearly a year of working with Odoo, a representative from CANTAB shared some insights on the past twelve months: "We've had many positive experiences with Odoo. The CRM application has helped us a lot, and we can all see what's in the warehouse."

The CANTAB team describes Odoo as "simple." This choice reflects the ease with which Odoo integrates with the company's existing processes, simplifying business complexities, and allowing CANTAB to focus on what they do best: delivering products of exceptional quality.


CANTAB is a group of companies dedicated to the distribution of high-gloss and super-matte boards and edges in Mexico. The collaboration between CANTAB and Odoo has proven to be a fruitful partnership, elevating operational efficiency, and contributing to the ongoing success of CANTAB in the competitive market of high-end material distribution.

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