Hardware & configuration

Raspberry Pi 3/4

Support Raspberry Pi 3/4 IoT boxes.

IoT devices

Wide range of supported devices.

Broad connectivity

Connect to Odoo via WiFi or Ethernet connections. Devices can be connected through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, or HDMI.

Log files

Access IoT box log files from the form view.

Easy installation

Plug-n-play devices with pre-loaded drivers. Works with scales, receipt printers, label printers, foot pedals, handheld/desktop devices, cameras, keyboards, barcode scanners, cash drawers, displays, payment terminals, and other peripherals.



Automatically weigh delivery packages when connected to a scale.

Quality checks

Attach to quality alerts and quality control points.

Manufacturing made easy

Use a foot pedal to process manufacturing orders.

Printing options

Print shipping labels through an IoT-connected printer.

OPC-UA compatible

Connect your OPC-UA-compatible manufacturing machinery to the Odoo IoT.