Smartclass - MRP
Luogo: Room 1 - Floor 12 Fountain Plaza - 29/11/23, 09:00 - 29/11/23, 17:00 (US/Eastern) (8 ore)

Understand the intricacies of Odoo’s MRP applications and harness the tools needed to solve complex manufacturing issues.

This smartclass will be held over two days: Tuesday November 28th and Wednesday November 29th.

Entrance to this smartclass includes breakfast, lunch and drinks.



This training requires to already have a medium to strong knowledge of Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing from a business perspective and have a basic knowledge of the Odoo Inventory and Manufacturing apps. At the start of the training, a quick introductory session is going to be held in order to have all participants sharing the same understanding of both apps.

Why should you attend?

Every manufacturing facility is different, with specific workflow needs that can include everything from quality checks, made-to-order manufacturing, and customized products with variants, to scheduled maintenance, repairs, and subcontracting. That’s why Odoo strives to offer multiple solutions for every manufacturing situation.

In this class, you’ll learn the best ways to configure Odoo databases for specific use cases, through thoughtful exercises that challenge your understanding of Odoo’s integrated suite of MRP applications. By developing a deeper understanding of rules and routes, planning, dependencies, workcenters, and scheduling, you’ll be ready to handle any manufacturing flow, and be able to tailor databases for any manufacturing scenario you might encounter.

Discover the seamless integrations of the MRP app suite, and the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions when creating workflows. Whether configuring a database for simple one-step manufacturing, or managing a large manufacturing facility for customized products with multiple sub-assemblies and dozens of workcenters, this smartclass will enable you to customize the right workflows for any situation.

What will you learn?

  • How to organize a shop floor (e.g. work centers, operations, and Bill of Materials)
  • How to create and plan Manufacturing Orders?
  • What are the main replenishment methods (e.g. MRP, manual procurement, make-to-order, master production schedule, replenishment report) available and when to use them?
  • How does the reservation mechanism work? How can you configure it further per operation, using removal strategy and packaging? How to directly manage reservations from the reception?
  • How to use the Master Production Schedule to process your production?
  • How to maintain full traceability over your stock items (e.g. unit of measures, packages, lots or serial numbers)?
  • How to play with Lead Times and best practices to use them?
  • How to report on manufacturing and supply chain (e.g. dashboards, KPI, inventory report, inventory valuation, product moves)?

These topics will be covered using Odoo version 17 which means the new functionalities will also be presented.


  1. Morning Day 1: Intro to Manufacturing
  2. Morning Day 1: Manufacturing Process workflow
  3. Afternoon Day 1: Planning
  4. Afternoon Day 1: Odoo 17 new feature - Shop Floor View
  5. Morning Day 2: Subcontracting
  6. Morning Day 2: MRP Supporting Apps (Quality, Repair, Maintenance & PLM)
  7. Afternoon Day 2: Master Production Schedule
  8. Afternoon Day 2: Exercises
  9. Afternoon Day 2: Summary & Conclusion