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Two days of hands-on Odoo product training sessions with our experts leading up to Odoo Day, held in our Buffalo office!


NOV 28th-29th


Smartclass - Technical for Functional

Build your technical understanding and go further in Odoo. Take a deep dive into: Automated Actions, Server Actions, Scheduled Actions, Reporting, Email configuration, Email templates, Views, Access Rights & Record Rules, and Models & Fields.

This smartclass is an opportunity to learn the back-end of the Odoo platform on a deeper level, which includes Studio customizations, developer mode, data management, and much more. The class will teach you how to recognize and implement what is possible within the Odoo framework, what customizations are available (or if they're even necessary), and what pre-existing work-arounds can be used— all of the technical competencies to enable quick and seamless operations in Odoo.


Smartclass - Accounting

Unlock the power of Odoo's all-in-one accounting suite for accurate, real-time reporting, so you can evaluate, plan, pivot, and grow your business.

This class is a deep dive into all of the intricacies behind Odoo's Accounting application. Here, you'll enhance your knowledge of multi-company databases, tax configurations, asset management, compliance, and analytic accounting.

On top of the concepts, also learn to harness the power of AI and OCR to eliminate tedious data entry, and automate processes so accounting departments experience fewer issues to reconcile at monthly, quarterly, and yearly reporting periods.

Lastly, you'll learn how to leverage the dynamic reporting capabilities of Odoo in order to generate crystal-clear financial statements, effectively communicating your organization's financial health, and ultimately, help make financial decisions for steady growth.


Smartclass - Manufacturing

Understand the intricacies of Odoo's MRP applications and harness the tools needed to solve complex manufacturing issues.

Every manufacturing facility is different, with specific workflow needs that can include everything from quality checks, made-to-order manufacturing, and customized products with variants, to scheduled maintenance, repairs, and subcontracting. That's why Odoo strives to offer multiple solutions for every manufacturing situation.

In this class, you'll learn the best ways to configure Odoo databases for specific use cases, through thoughtful exercises that challenge your understanding of Odoo's integrated suite of MRP applications. By developing a deeper understanding of rules and routes, planning, dependencies, workcenters, and scheduling, you'll be ready to handle any manufacturing flow, and be able to tailor databases for any manufacturing scenario you might encounter.

Discover the seamless integrations of the MRP app suite, and the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions when creating workflows. Whether configuring a database for simple one-step manufacturing, or managing a large manufacturing facility for customized products with multiple sub-assemblies and dozens of workcenters, this smartclass will enable you to customize the right workflows for any situation.


Smartclass - Inventory

Masterclass for Odoo's simple but im-pack-ful inventory management. Pull real-time data about stock levels, forecasted delivery dates, and inventory valuation to make informed replenishment decisions, automate data entry, and streamline warehouse transfers.

In this smartclass, develop a deeper understanding of how Odoo optimizes how products are handled and delivered within the warehouse, which includes automated replenishment, units of measure (UoM), inter-warehouse transfers, removal strategies, and putaway rules based on defined storage needs. Explore strategies for creating custom routes (or if they're even necessary), and which built-in scheduling tools can be used- all to simplify warehouse processes and deliver on time.

Learn warehouse organization best practices from implementation experts to ensure Odoo serves your business to its full potential. Figure out the best storage locations for optimized order fulfillment, automate the logging of product identity records with the Barcode app, and generate end-of-quarter inventory valuation reports so your business is able to make informed decisions for price adjustments.