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An Odoo CMDB with IoT device information and geolocation
Functional Community Talk
Lieu : Hall 7.B - 10/11/2023 11:00 - 10/11/2023 11:30 (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)
An Odoo CMDB with IoT device information and geolocation
Michel l´ Amie
Operations Manager à PFM Netherlands B.V.
Michel l´ Amie
Operations Manager à PFM Netherlands B.V.

Michel l' Amie is an accomplished operations manager from the Netherlands with a passion for simplicity and effective project management. Known for his commitment to keeping promises, taking initiative, and building connections, Michel excels in transparent and collaborative environments. With a strong focus on people and their needs, he ensures projects are fit for purpose. Outside of work, Michel cherishes time with his wife and two kids, enjoying weekends filled with skiing and movie marathons. His curiosity extends to home automation, IoT, and DIY projects, where he explores open source initiatives. Michel welcomes connections with fellow professionals and creative individuals.

Our Odoo CMDB module already impressed a lot of people. Location and IoT device information (incl photos and geolocation) are linked to other Odoo modules. Several API's with device controllers are in place. Similar as Odoo it keeps improving every year👌

For PFM, the CMDB module is used to store all kinds of information from our locations in one central place. This may include a list of contacts related to a location, all devices that are installed, network settings, planned service jobs, etc. Also maintenance schedules and device validations are scheduled for each of them.

With all relevant information of a certain location is displayed on a single page, PFM employees can easily gain access to this information without having to search through multiple sources. This can be very handy when e.g. a client services employee quickly needs to know something about a location while talking on the phone to an engineer or customer.

- Centralized access to location, device, and contact information.
- Streamlined retrieval of location-specific details.
- Improved efficiency and productivity.
- Enhanced communication with stakeholders.
- Efficient management of installed devices.
- Informed decision-making through reliable data.
- Simplified reporting and data analysis.
- Seamless integration with other Odoo modules.
- Historical tracking of changes and configurations.
- Reliable resource for technicians and service desks.

In summary, the Odoo CMDB module developed for PFM provides a comprehensive solution to store and manage information about locations, devices, and related details. It improves data accessibility, streamlines processes, and enhances the efficiency of PFM operations.