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Integration of Odoo and Lodas and expansion of e-signatures in HR
Functional Community Talk
Lieu : Hall 10.A - 08/11/2023 11:00 - 08/11/2023 11:30 (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)
Integration of Odoo and Lodas and expansion of e-signatures in HR
Falk Neubert
Managing Director à ecoservice
Falk Neubert
Managing Director à ecoservice

Falk Neubert has been working with Odoo since OpenERP 5, making him one of the most experienced consultants. This gives him a great overview about the development of and functionalities in Odoo. Falk is one of the oldest visitors of the Odoo experience, since he has been going since the first time when it was still at the home of Fabien’s grandparents. With his company Ecoservice he mainly focused on integrating Odoo and German accounting by developing an interface between Odoo and Datev. Now with his second company ecodoo GmbH he continues to provide excellent consulting to all his customers.

Join us for an insightful talk that delves into the seamless integration of Odoo and LODAS to enhance your HR practices. Learn how to extend E-Signature functionality, including personalized fields like the personal identification number, essential for HR.

Key Learnings:
Discover the benefits of integrating Odoo and LODAS, and gain a deeper understanding of their interface. Learn how to amplify E-Signatures with HR-specific fields.

Value to the Audience:
Unlock Efficiency: Discover how the integration of Odoo and LODAS can create a seamless flow of HR data, eliminating manual entry and reducing errors. Experience the value of an automated and organized HR process that saves time and resources.

Expand Your Toolkit: Explore the possibilities of E-Signatures beyond the ordinary, with personalized fields relevant to HR. Witness firsthand how a personal id can be integrated, adding a layer of identification that enhances the information given and accuracy.

This talk is designed for:

German Businesses: Utilize DATEV and eager to streamline HR processes with integrated systems.

E-Signature Enthusiasts: Whether you're a novice or an expert, our insights will help you maximize E-Signature potential.

German Customer-Focused Individuals: If you engage with German customers, understanding HR intricacies is crucial.

Join us to explore the intersection of technology and HR. By the end of this talk, you'll be equipped with practical strategies to enhance HR efficiency, leverage technology, and navigate the intricacies of German business practices by using Odoo.