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Meet Pepper, the Odoo-powered robot that will help you keep an eye on your car's charging station.
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Location: Mezzanine 2000 - 10/14/22, 11:00 AM - 10/14/22, 11:30 AM (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)

Meet Pepper, the Odoo-powered robot that will help you keep an eye on your car's charging station.
Martin Galler
CEO at Weboffice IT Service und Marketing GmbH & Co KG
CEO at Weboffice IT Service und Marketing GmbH & Co KG

Martin Galler has been a successful entrepreneur since 2001. He started his business with the development of his own CRM & ERP software and shifted his focus of expertise later to web development and ERP & CRM systems as web based platforms.
In 2007, he launched his first e-commerce project with Magento and introduced Odoo in his own company. Since 2009 he has had numerous Odoo projects and over 90 successful project implementations! Today, he is the CEO of Weboffice IT Service & Marketing GmbH & Co KG and remains active as a customer consultant as well as project manager.

Need to power on? Reserve your favorite EV charging spot via your mobile phone and simultaneously order your pizza or groceries as curbside delivery! Not your cup of tea. Not a problem, head inside and meet Pepper the Robot in the meantime! He is always up for an entertaining chit-chat and eager to be of service and assistance. 

Connected to Odoo services, the robot can assist you with registration for a customer card, log into your account, help you check purchases and balances, and assist you with online payments. Odoo-powered Pepper will also keep an eye on your car's charging status and inform you about current discounts and new services.Cute, isn't it? Well, not just cute. 

Let us take a look under the hood and see how this works.

The charging station management is powered by Odoo 15 Enterprise Version. We create a charging station and record the authentication token for communication. The charging stations send data via JSON API, and Odoo holds all data to have a complete client and charging history.

The additional Odoo Mobile App enables customers to book a spot for charging. When the charging process is completed, the charging volume is transferred to Odoo and triggers automated billing. The customers authenticate at the charging station using radio-frequency identification (RFID). The RFID identifier is stored directly in the Odoo customer data record, enabling direct authentication assignment. All available data is synchronized with the Pepper robot, allowing it to provide customers personalized services.

Pepper's adorable robot face should not be deceiving. There is big data in the background! This extensive data application and a time series database are needed from a certain number of charging points to meet future requirements. Once several 1000 charging points are managed in a database, data storage may have to be rewritten without using the OCR.

And that is by far not all that is to say about it! Learn more about the new Odoo-powered omnichannel services intended to automate services for companies that maintain charging point infrastructure and aim to manage it without much human effort.