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On-the-job training: speed up your onboarding process with Aroolla
Demo Functional Community Talk
Location: Mezzanine 2000 - 10/12/22, 12:00 PM - 10/12/22, 12:30 PM (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)

On-the-job training: speed up your onboarding process with Aroolla
Luc Maurer and Ulysse Rosselet
Respectively Founder at Camptocamp and Professor at Haute École Arc
Respectively Founder at Camptocamp and Professor at Haute École Arc

Ulysse Rosselet is a Professor of Information Systems at the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO). He co-authored the Aroolla games in order to teach ERP and integrated business processes classes at Bachelor, Master and Executive levels.

Luc Maurer is the Founder and Managing Partner of Camptocamp SA, first Odoo Gold Partner. Camptocamp Group currently employs over 130 employees in Switzerland, France and Germany. He has been working on Odoo since 2006 and has a very large experience in ERP implementation. Luc is one of the founders of the Odoo Community Association (OCA).

Hiring people turns out to be a mandatory step as a company grows. When doing so, the onboarding process will be repeated for each new hire, regardless of the number of people (one, several dozens, hundreds, etc.)

While many services exist to support the main administrative processes, training on management tools often remains traditional in the form of group or individual courses, in person, or through e-learning. In addition to being expensive, these training courses are often out of touch with the actual needs of new employees. Who will remember how to enter their first vacations in the system five months after the training?

In this talk, we will show you a new approach to Odoo training and onboarding in a service company. Several main processes have been identified (time entry, expense report creation, offer creation, invoice creation, ...). Using our simulation training software, each process has been scripted to match the usual interactions in the company: e.g., "Hi, this is John, could you charge your September hours on the SO89123 project?" 

On the first request, the user is guided automatically through the screens. For subsequent requests, the person must carry out the task themselves. The scenarios can be repeated until each process is mastered, and individual scenarios can be launched on demand. This way, the scenario for recording leave requests can be launched just before the first vacation.

During this presentation, participants will see how Camptocamp has implemented on-demand training scenarios to accelerate the onboarding process. Participants will be able to test the scenarios during the presentation.

Target audience:
Everybody using Odoo