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Additive Manufacturing and Digital Warehousing using Odoo
Business Community Talk
Location: Ambassador - 10/14/22, 11:30 AM - 10/14/22, 12:00 PM (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)
Additive Manufacturing and Digital Warehousing using Odoo
Chirag Jogi
Delivery Head at Chirag
Chirag Jogi
Delivery Head at Chirag

Chirag Jogi is an Odoo-certified consultant at Brainvire holding 12 years of experience, leading a team of 200 persons. He specializes in retail and manufacturing and has extended his expertise in Odoo consultation, architecture, and execution to a wide range of industry niches such as automobiles, distribution, reseller marketplaces, and store solutions.

As a speaker, he participated in Odoo Experience talks twice to give back to the Odoo Community and allow as many businesses as possible to benefit from this intuitive solution.

The phrase "additive manufacturing" is becoming increasingly used in the oil and gas industry. By using digitization and Odoo, it is possible to produce spare parts for the manufacturing industry that are highly efficient and light in weight thanks to the use of powdered raw materials that are transformed into solid parts.

We worked with a manufacturing company with the most sophisticated additive manufacturing knowledge and technology to give our clients the best quality products.

Key Learning:
- Digitization into Additive Manufacturing involved five crucial steps - Design and reverse-engineering process, Additive manufacturing process, post-production, quality assurance, quality control, documentation, spare parts management, and data storage.

We created a new module on Odoo called "code estimation," whereby the designer can easily estimate how much material and services they require to add design. It also helped in the sales aspect, where sales acquisition occurs, and the customer confirms the order.

- Once the order is verified, sales and production communicate using Ajok cards, which detail the final product's subcomponents. Before additive manufacturing, the subcomponent will be produced and billed. Each subcomponent is billed and added to the machine using SLS, SLM, and SLA. This generates bills.

- Our designs are entered into Odoo's manufacturing order and are then separated into web centers for production. It is then integrated into Odoo's manufacturing module, where it undergoes quality assurance and quality check in the quality module.

- Digital inventory is stored in the document module of Odoo, where we have created a digital library to store all the spare parts.

Value for the audience:
- We have accomplished the process of digitization into Odoo.
- A system where Odoo acts as a DIS solution identifies the company's value in the additive manufacturing sector and intends to increase its digital inventory.

Target audience:
- Oil and gas companies
- Spare part manufacturers
- Investors