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Turbocharge Odoo with Splunk
Developer Functional
Location: Studio 5 - 10/1/20, 6:30 PM - 10/1/20, 7:00 PM (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)
Turbocharge Odoo with Splunk
Nicolas Bessi
Business Solutions at Camptocamp SA
Nicolas Bessi
Business Solutions at Camptocamp SA

Nicolas Bessi works in Business Solutions at Camptocamp and is in charge of customer service and cloud platform at Camptocamp by managing a portfolio of over 100 customers. Nicolas has extensive experience in project management and software engineering and a long CTO experience. He’s been practicing Odoo wizardry since 2006, is a historical author of Swiss localization and many other addons and the architect of Splunk. 

Odoo is awesome and Splunk is also awesome. So what happens when you put awesome to the power of awesome? Attend this talk and discover how to get the most of your data and processes with that winning duo. During that presentation Nicolas Bessi will present the key technical concepts, major features and advantages of both Splunk and Odoo setup. This presentation will show you how a tight integration of both products will allow you to:

- Improve your Odoo security

- Analyse your users and customers behavior

- Trigger real time actions in your ERP or other system

- Do advance controlling and reporting

- Detect bottleneck in your business process

- Detects abnormal variance in your day to day process

- Improve your production workflow

- Have advance dashboard

- Exploit the power of deep learning and much more!