Chatter is available on Journal & Journal Entry; Manual reconciliation for partners from aged balance and partner ledger. Move to check on accounting dashboard. Improved form, list views, dashboard, settings, ...


Reconcile a payment with both a receivable and a payable. Find easily reconciled entries (search, stat button). Find items from Sales Orders; bank reconciliation report improvement. Multiple taxes per line in write Off


Default set of the journal to prevent error; Select several account journals in financial reports.


New reports for assets; Manage assets through account; improved usability, automate journal entries for re-evaluations, sell & disposals.

IBAN Compliance

New widget to know if the bank account number is a correct IBAN number.


Periodical closing with lock date; Configuration of taxes made easy; Only one tax per tax percentage; Type of taxes visible in tax mapping.


Import in mass customer invoices in Odoo accounting. Select the invoice reference type by journal entries.

Vendor Bills

Technical improvements and QR code vendor bill payment allowed for SEPA regions.


A Back Booking option has been added. It helps define how the debit should be handled, single consolidated debit or multiple debits.

Accounting Engine

The models of customer invoice, vendor bill and journal entry have been merged, allowing more flexibility in the edition of those documents.


Improvement of the layout of the PDF previewer.


Prevent duplicate of partners based on VAT number.

Follow Up

Send SMS Text Messages from your follow-up reports.


Easier configuration. Show tax amount rather than computed tax rates to the customer.

Suspense Account for Bank Transactions

Easy match between suspense account entries and recorded bills, history on entries.

Accounting Entries Security Modes

You can choose the Security level by journal (new lock posted entries by hash). By default you can modify entries as long as the period is not closed.

Closed Tax Period

You can set the accounting date automatically to the first open day for new bill on tax locked periods. IE: It's now the 04/10 the invoice was on 26/09 but tax lock date was 30/09 Odoo will set accounting date to 01/10.


Allowing recognizing the expense/revenue in a different period keeping tax return in the invoice period.


Manage expenses as well as revenues; Automated deferred expense entries.

Accounting Adjustements

AUtomatic transfers based on distribution rates (%) or analytic filters


Better precision on currency rate. Fiscal position accepts char in zip range. Improved adjustements in tax wizard.

Dynamic Journals & Ledgers

Browse your accounting data through Odoo generic search views and get the original document preview. (Available in: Journal, Sales, Purchase, Misc, Bank & Ledger, Partner ledger, General ledger)

Payment Follow-up

Improved usability, automated level, filtering by levels & SMS integration.

Invoices importation

If your invoicing is managed by another software than Odoo, you can import all your invoices easily.

Manual Journal Entries

Improvement in manual encoding of entries, pre-filled fields, journal set by default.

CODA & CAMT import improvements

You can now import multiples files all at once, new fields, better performance.

Off Balance sheet

New account type: Off-Balance sheet accounts useful for annual reporting annexes.


Split payment for partial allocation; QR code vendor bill payment allowed for SEPA countries.

Manual Reconciliation

Manual reconciliation for a dedicated partner will always show all open entries allowing to easily make payable/receivable adjustments.

Reconciliation Models

New fields allow more flexibility for automated rules. New rule to automate fee detection based on communication.


Improved layout, performance in Aged Balances. Improved cashflow statement performance. New bank statement report with more details.

Single Liability Account

If the balance of VAT transactions shows a debt to the State at the end of the period, they are combined into a single liability account to help with deadlines and automate the accounting entries.

Taxes Closing Entries

New lock date allowing preventing any changes related to a closed tax period. The type of tax (sales, purchase) is now visible in the tax mapping.

Print Original Vendor Bills

You can now print the original vendor bills for as many bills as you want. You can choose between the Odoo bill or the original one.

Arithmetic operations in fields

New widget to allow operations directly into fields (ie: =650*0.34).

Winbooks import

You can now import a Winbooks database zip file


Activity Type

New activity type to request the upload of a document from a record.


The activity view has been improved with more features and better usability for activity scheduling; Default User and description in activity type

Today's Meeting

Meetings of the day are activities to gather all your activities in one screen.

Amazon Connector

Amazon Connector

Automatically import your Amazon sales in Odoo. Synchronize the deliveries (FBA & FBM-compatible).



Request approvals for any kind of type, borrow items, purchase etc


Define who has to approve the request: employee's manager, hr responsible, ... and a number of required approvals


Get notify if you have to approve or refuse a new request.


Employees are notified about the results of the request.



Appraisal on demand, request through employee profile. Define the time frame employees can request appraisals.


Get activities to manage appraisals; send customized emails with link to appropriate survey.


Remind manager and/or employee they can request an appraisal.


Define minimum and maximum time frame to request or schedule an appraisal


New app

New financial consolidation app, will help you consolidate multi company financial data.



Pipeline combining messages and activities. Powerful filters using opportunity and mail objects.

Lead Mining (IAP)

From your pipeline, generate new leads based on their country, technologies, size, etc.

Lead Scoring

The statistical analysis can determine the probability to close a lead.


Send SMS Text Messages from leads and opportunities.

Lead Enrichment (IAP)

Enrich leads with corporate data based on email addresses.

Sales Teams

Simplified sales team configuration.



A warning icon will be displayed on the kanban and list view to warn you that you need to take action on these records.


Get the history of all your notifications in discuss menu


Drag & drop files directly in the chatter or in Discuss.


CC from incoming emails are now registered. You can easily add them as followers of the documents.


New notifications system to make them more modern and available in the front end.



Manage documents in a List view; Thumbmails for Youtube Videos; Visualize upload progression for large documents; Visualize tags in Kanban

Access Rights

Manage read access by workspace (separate read and write accesses. Employees can see their own documents.

Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop your documents from one workspace to another.


See documents of recruitment app, payroll, products.

Comercio electrónico


Main product image is sized the same way than extra images. Extra images can be added to product variants. URL's by product variants

PayU Latam

The most popular payment acquirer in Latin America is now available for online payments: eCommerce, quotations, invoices. It is available in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Mexico, Panama & Peru.

Building Blocks

A search bar snippet for products has been added.


Link a warehouse to your eCommerce.


New "Buy Now" button to simplfy purchase flow. Edit product description on frontend; search experience made easy

Coupons & Promotions

Apply discounts on multiple products. Easy promotion of products (sequence).



evaluate trainee at the end of a lesson using quick quizz.


Check ranks, badges and manage favorites from you profile


Certification process with payment possibilities, rules, timing using survey


Auto computation of the duration for a course based on the content.


Know which partners have a certificate or follow your courses on the contact form. Contact them easily


Analyze your course retention, the most followed and the best rated courses.


Share the content that you love in fullscreen mode.

Comercio electrónico

Sell courses through the eCommerce

Sitio web

Create and manage courses and lessons directly from content


Link courses to a forum to let your community answers your questions

Marketing por correo electrónico


Conversion KPIs on each email sent (using UTM trackers on call-to-actions): # of leads created, # of orders created, revenue generated.


You can now add a name to your mass mailing that can be different from the subject to help you organizing your pipeline.



Control the presence of employees according to attendance, time off, login, IP addresses or sent emails


Manage user preferences and employees' data in a single place.


Your employees can now edit their private information. new search panel, track contract issues on employee, zoom on picture


Manage skills and level of skills on the employee form. integration with eLearning certification.


Your employees can now fill in their resume to get info about their experience.


Define an onboarding plan that creates a suite of activities to welcome your employees.


You can now have statistics about contracts and employee like turnover.


Indexation, specific salary deductions, request a signature directly from contract, indexation, of salary, specific deduction of salary


Manage schedule over 2 weeks, manage part-time of employee


Employee profile and employee payroll have been split to ensure better data security.


Manage schedule over 2 weeks, manage part-time of employee



Communicate about events using SMS Text Messages.


Gantt view on Event tracks.


Customer Invoices

Select a Sales Order to re-invoice an expense to your customer, or select an Analytic Account to track costs.

Employee Reimbursement

Payroll integration. Reimburse employees on their payslip.


Import your expenses in a batch to ease the creation of reports and get reimbursed faster.

Servicio externo


Plan your intervention on a Gantt view.


Organize intervention and worksheet based on projects


Editable worksheets, preview and sign


Create a sale order directly from the task.

Hojas de horas

Record time directly from the task and check the timer


Select products from a task during an intervention and invoice them afterwards.


Claim reports

Get a history of driven cars from employees.


Automation of future driver management through salary.

Servicio de asistencia


Convert a lead to a Helpdesk ticket.


Improve your after-sales service by managing returns, credit notes, coupons, and repairs from support tickets.


Apply multiple SLA policies to the tickets of a single Helpdesk team.

Time Billing

Improved process to re-invoice time spent on tickets.

Ticket Closing

Allow customers to close their tickets from their portal.



New IAP portal for end-user and service provider.


Improved country detection in Lead Generation (reveal).


Lead generation in multi-website compatible. Lead mining now relies on industries.

IAP Accounts

IAP accounts are now common to all companies and can be restricted to specific ones if necessary.


Revamped SMS sending tools.



Integration with Ingenico Payment Terminals for the PoS for BeNeLux.

Device Status

Keep track of which devices are still connected to the IoT Box.

Scan Range

Scan a specific IP range when searching for the IoT Box in the network.



Rename the Make to Order route to Replenish on Order for more clarity (as we do not always "make" the product, but we sometimes buy it instead.


Prevent users from improperly configuring its product categories by raising a warning when the Stock Received/Delivered accounts are the same than the Stock Valuation Account.


Add a field company_id on the stock move lines to only show the product moves of the company of the user.


The description of the product is now visible on the transfers. The description can be adapted based on the type of transfer (delivery, internal or receipt).


Assign users to pickings. It can be done picking per picking or in a group (from a list of pickings).


Charge the estimated or the real cost to your customer; Print return labels for DHL, Easypost, UPS, FedEx, and Bpost; warn on delivery if addresses have changed in sale order

Lot/Serial Number

Add additional information on serial or lot numbers through the new note field: show the serial/lot number on invoice; mass assign through automatic generation or cc from spreadsheet.


The valuation of the stock is, now, represented by valuation layers. It allows users to have a clear view of how the stock is valued.


Propagate changes in scheduled date to the next moves or not;  If a product is available in stock, it will be taken from stock. If not, the MTO applies and it will be automatically reordered.

Inventory Adjustments

Easily edit the quantity of a product without the need of creating an inventory adjustment.


Inform the user via a next activity if a delivery cannot be fulfilled on time;  Send automated emails from your delivery orders, at validation: send SMS.


Easily retrieve your forecasted inventory thanks to the new graph and grid views.

Landed Costs

Landed costs can now be linked with vendor bills. Apply landed costs on products valued in AVCO.



New dashboard to get statistics by operators.


A more efficient redistribution of the live chat conversations between operators has been worked on.



Add a section in the l10n_be balance sheet and P&L reports for detected errors. Make sure that the tests will actually help to detect any account wrongly configured. Import Belgian eInvoices. (UBL 2.1)


Allow user to fetch VAT obligations and to submit vat return files trough Odoo.


Chart of Accounts, VAT Taxes, VAT, P&L, and Balance Sheet report.


CID number as structured payment reference, Chart of Accounts VAT Taxes SAF-T File Export (XML) VAT report.


Chart of Accounts 2020 XML exports of financial reports for P&L, Balance Sheet and VAT Report
FAIA Export.


Electronic Invoicing trough PEC-Mail
VAT Taxes
Transport Slip (DDT).


Chart of accounts (PBSO and IAS)
VAT Taxes


Chart of accounts
VAT Taxes
VAT Report.

South Africa

VAT Taxes
VAT Report
FAIA Export.


Chart of AccountsVAT Report
Unified Report
VAT Taxes Transport Slip (DDT).


AT Report (U1/U30)
VAT Taxes update
Bilanzdarstellung (§224 UGB)
Gewinn- und Verlustrechnung (§231 UGB).


Chart of accounts
VAT Taxes
VAT Reports.


Chart of accounts
VAT Taxes
VAT reports.


GoDB compliance fix
Datev fix for Kundennummer.


BVR as structure payment reference. 


PST number for regional identification.


P&L Report.


Chart of accounts
VAT Taxes.



Manage the availability of the vendors.


Ease of the order of your lunch through a revamp of the interface (ala documents)


Notify the user in the chatter or in the app.


Send email with order of the day directly to the vendor.


Bill of Materials

See the BoM version and the ongoing ECOs from the BoM Cost & Structure Report. Define the exact or flexible quantity of components in BoM

Work Order

Suggestion of reserved documents by default for consumption on the work orders; Generate Serial/lot number at the end of the production; define a start date to plan your work order; timer on work order


The Master Production Scheduler has been completely reviewed. Its usability has been improved. You can now see the confirmed sales and compare them with your estimations.

Work Centers

Allow substituting a work center to another one. This is useful when two work centers can do the same job.


Define subcontracting BOM's to track components at your subcontractor place and receive finished products.


Use your Google Slides directly in Odoo as worksheets.



Ease access to campaign template to get some inspiration.

Odoo Social

Odoo Social is a new app that allows you to monitor and post on social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

Visitors Tracking

Get an overview of your online visitors and interact with them using push notifications and live chat requests.

Push Notifications

This module allows you to send web push notifications to your website's subscribed visitors through the Social app.

Automatización de marketing


Automate SMS and integrate them into your Marketing Campaigns.



Scan a barcode to find a product in business documents

Hojas de horas

To improve the user experience on small devices, we now display the timesheet grid by day instead of week.


The followers' options from the chatter are now available on Mobile.


The documents application is now fully integrated in our mobile application.


The left search panel is now supported on mobile. Search directly in the view;

Push Notifications

Receive push notifications on your mobile when someone assigns you an activity.


Swipe to the right on any notifications to mark it as read. If you swipe to the left, it will add a star to it.



Generate and check the benefits of the employee to compute their salaries according to their paid time and paid time off. Get a history of driven cars from employees.


Multi contract management to compute payslips.

Work Entry

Gantt view to manage working time to generate payslips.


Centralize your HR files in Documents.


Structures can be grouped by Structure types and have their own rules.


Request documents from the employee frontend form like id card, driving license.

Meal voucher

Reporting to know how many meal vouchers an employee can receive according to its working schedule.

Specific Pay

Employee departure.


Split of employee payroll and employee address book to ensure confidentiality of data and documents.


New dashboard with payroll statistics and information.

Belgian Localization

Support of Belgian credit time, specific CP 200 work entries types. XML for dmfa, fiche 281.10 and 281.45, employee's departure fees.


Generate the accounting entries from batch salaries.


Keep history of the structure changes.



Manage your employees' schedule and forecast your projects.


Manage shifts by defining roles for employees.


Schedule shifts in one click by copying the planning of a previous period.


Make your shifts recurrent.

Open Shifts

Let your employees manage open shifts according to their roles.

Shifts Templates

Save shifts as templates to organize your planning in one click.


Send your planning and let your employees manage their unavailability by themselves.


See your planning and assign open shift to yourself on a frontend view

Gestión del ciclo de vida del producto

PLM Approvals

See the history of all the approvals that occurred on an ECO.

Punto de venta


You can now only use one session for several employees; Several employees can be connected simultaneously within a PoS sessions


New stat button giving access to the details of the orders, reordering of the menus, on-boarding improvements by defining default picking types.


Use the keypad on PoS frontend interface to manage orders.


Next activity informing the user when the session should be closed and reopened.


Count the PoS Sales into the sales of the product. Manage multi-currencies in the PoS Reporting


Connect an EPSON ticket printer without IoT Box.

Cash Control

Set default cash opening, cash closing and keep track of any cash difference.

Session Closing

A single accounting entry is created at the closing of the PoS. This allows performance improvements and a clearer payments history.

Tip in Ticket

Add a tip after printing a draft ticket. Send tickets by email instead of print it


Process payments with the SIX and Adyen payment terminal integration.



A new dashboard to analyze your purchase is available.

Purchase Order

Add sections and notes to purchase orders.


Add product variants in batch from an attribute grid.



Forecast usability and planning improvements. Includes re-currency, leaves integration and default view selection.

Project Overview

Better tracking of the costs and revenues linked to a project.


Demo Data

Added demo data in some applications to ease the testing experience.


Speed up the installation process (chart of accounts and languages).


List of records can now be accessed from most pivot views. Filter data on last 5 years; group by more than 2 group by.


New activity view

Snailmail (IAP)

Improved usability and error management when sending letters through snailmail.


New Gantt view with Drag & Drop, resizing and records creation with easy clicks.

Access rights

Groups have been renamed to be more business-oriented. Administrator instead of manager and reorganization by application.


Warn the user when his timezone is not set.


Sequences can be reordered from the kanban view.

Date Filters

New date filters (by month, quarter, year).


Allow the user to interact with documents across multiple companies at once. Share product by or not by adding a company on it

Maps view

Display records and routing on maps.

Custom Lists

Each user can add or hide some columns in list views, in order to tailor the screen to their activity with just the needed fields.


Improved error management on import.


Translate directly from the form view with the new translation modal. The new language code, replacing the globe, helps you know the language you are working with. Preview of mail in different language


The user interface of the calendar view was completely redesigned with some small new features such as the possibility to answer to an event directly from the event popup.


Customize the style (colors, font) of your documents.

Search Panel

Search panel now available from any multi-record view.


New ribbons for form views.

Column Resizing

Columns of editable lists resized to improve comfort.

Signature Widget

New signature widget to request signed confirmation in any process.


Quick export on list to export easily what you see on the screen in a spreadsheet


Allow drag & drop on extra product media to sequence them.



Offer your employees a superhero game to build a team and earn points through the recruitment process.


Integrated with the recruitment app to automatically allocate points to your employees.


Easily share a job position through social media or by email.


Mobile friendly. Refer to friends in one click.


The referral app is based on UTM engine to link the right employee to the right applicant.



Manage deliveries and returns of rentable products based on their availability. Use period-based pricing and delay costs. Visualize the schedule in a Gantt chart. Make the customer fills & signs rental documents on the spot thanks to the Sign app integration.

2 Date times-picker

Select rental dates from a unified widget for start and end dates.



You can see the refunded invoice line on the sale order.


Better wording. Option to deduct down payments only appears if needed. Select rental dates from a unified widget for start and end dates.


Sign then Pay a quotation in one uninterrupted flow. New widget to auto-generate signatures.

Order Date

Order and confirmation dates are now one unified smart field.

Product Variants

Can add multiple images per variants.

Product Configurator

Unified button to add products to a sales order, whether it is a standard or customizable product.

New Sales Order Form

Cleaner display of the order lines, with better columns labels.


Confirmation emails are now tailored to each channel: quotations, eCommerce.


Chinese merchants can use Alipay to get paid online.

Wire Transfer

The suggested payment communication is now, by default, the order/invoice #.

Extra Fees

Extra fees requested on online payments are now displayed in the payment form.

Optional Products

Optional products are reset when changing quotation template.


Better interface for selecting a carrier and set delivery costs to an order.

Grid Entry

Add product variants in batch from an attribute grid entry.

Amazon Sync

Automatically import your Amazon sales in Odoo. Synchronize the deliveries.


Add more prices from the sales price.


No email

You can now directly sign your documents without sending an email.


A sign request now triggers an activity.


Full review of the user experience: configure a document, send, sign.


Full traceability and inalterability of activity logs. The logs can be printed in PDF by all the parties.

Marketing por SMS

Marketing por SMS

Create, send and track SMS.

Marketing social

Marketing social

Odoo Social is a new application that allows you to monitor and post on your social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

Push Notification

This module allows you to send web push notifications to your website's subscribed visitors through the Social application


Create fully integrated digital campaigns, containing emails, sms, push notifications and social posts. Get an overview of your campaign's results in term of clicks, revenues, leads created and sales.


Add streams to your dashboard to monitor your Facebook and Twitter Accounts and interact with your community with comments, likes and posts. (Currently not available for LinkedIn).

Live Chat Request

Engage the conversation with one or more of your website's visitors. They will receive your message on their next action on a tracked page.

Online Visitors

Get an accurate list of your website's visitors, and reach them via email, sms, push notifications or Live Chat requests.

Send & Schedule Posts

Directly send or schedule posts to be sent on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Access Rights

Access Rights clarification;


Creation of certifications, time limit on surveys.


Know what are the success rates of your certification from the kanban view. You can also access other stats.



Activity scheduling and the activity view are now available for custom models.


Align the expanded node in the "node selector" of the sidebar with the preview in the document.


Sum of integer, signature


New search bar to easily find existing fields in Studio.


See invisible elements in kanban; Prevent user from bad customization by removing grid view, set another view option and enable stages.

Restore Default View

Restore the default view.



Remove the "datas_fname" field from "ir.attachment", As is needed in forecast, the grid view now supports date time fields.

Mass Mailing Campaign

The mass_mailing.campaign model was removed to only keep the utm.campaign model. This change implies that mass_mailing.tag and mass_mailing.stage move to the utm model.

Create_uid Heuristics Improvements

Mail gateway runner user was used to create most documents through incoming emails. We now link document creation and update to users, using the email to make the matching.

Hojas de horas


Timer on tasks to record timesheets easily.

Invoiced Timesheets in Portal

Timesheets related to invoices can now be consulted on the portal.

Tiempo personal


On leave types without approval, the leave request is directly marked as approved.


Specify who as to do the second approval on time off type.


Search on a department will search on child departments. New dashboard to check remaining leaves.


Receive notification for specific leave type.

Access Rights

Approve time offs as far as you are time off manager on the employee form.


Call Queue

In CRM, you can easily create a call queue. The calls will then be on your VOIP interface. This queue is based on your "Call next" activities and allows you to easily see in VOIP interface all the calls that need to be made.

Phone Number

Call directly any contact from his phone number

Sitio web


Change easily the logo size; Empty files for custom CSS & JS


Update to Bootstrap 4.3.1; Event on mobile;


Edition of Anchor.


Review of blog layouts. Brand new modern, italian design (teasers, latest blog posts, cards, etc).


If you keep title and description fields empty, then the page will use default title and description.


Defer the website JS loading to improve performances.

Auto-Configured Contact Forms

New contact forms are automatically configured with default fields.

Auto-Configured Contact Forms

New contact forms are automatically configured with default fields.


New font selection tool. New Modal to upload an image, control over image size and quality.


New font selection tool. New Modal to upload an image, control over image size and quality.

Themes & Snippets

Few snippets and themes fixes and improvements.

Iso code language in URL

The iso code of a language is not very understandable for a lambda user. So, you can now specify the language on your website url.


You can order your forum and use the (old) new discussion mode.


You can set a specific logo on your website and a different on your company.


You can choose a Google Font and use it on your website.

Error handler

New error handler with the Bootstrap's toast component.


Add a newsletter on your website in a snap and customize it as any other snippet.

Live Chat Transcript

As a visitor, get a transcript of your conversation with an operator via email.


Chatter and attachments are now available on the portal.


The user interface of the attendees scanning has bee improved