Jodee Inc.

Jodee Inc.

Jodee has created and continues to create innovations in the form, comfort and beauty of mastectomy bras,
silicone mastectomy breast forms, foam mastectomy breast forms, Perma-Form® bras, mastectomy
swimwear for women everywhere. Jodee Post-Mastectomy Fashions continues to stay focused on the needs
of women in recovery after surgery to enhance their appearance and sense of emotional well-being. You can
always put your trust in Jodee.


"We have been with Novobli since November 2018 and are thrilled with their service and help. They are
professional, extremely responsive, helpful and very fair in costs.
One specific example: we had to make a change to a medicare report we use to file claims daily. During
Novobi’s due diligence they found the existing report written by a previous consultant was poorly written and
had faulty logic. Novobi at an extremely fair cost fixed the logic of the report and now a daily function that
previously took 30 minutes to complete now takes 5 seconds.
I only wish I started my Odoo experience with Novobi instead of the previous consultant.
Novobi is not only a pleasure to work with but also represents Odoo professionally.
I highly recommend Novobi and would be happy to answer any other questions you may have."

- Steven Altman, President / CEO