Axxa lubricants

Axxa lubricants

- AXXA is the first lubricants factory in Sudan which initially established in 1996 and started its first production in 2000, excluding the small blending plant of shell in Port Sudan which was established before that date.


- First factory in Sudan that’s start the production of the brake fluid dot 3 in 1996. It’s the first factory in Sudan which locally produce the Calcium Grease NLGI No. 5,4,3,2,1 early in 1999.


- It’s the first factory in Sudan which introduce the special formula of the 2 stroke oil in 2004.


- AXXA was the leader in the domain of the recycling of the used oil to generate a high quality base oil (SN150, SN350 And SN500) through many stages as we started from the Acid clay procedure to upgrade our self according to the international development of the recycling procedure to finally introduce the total evaporation under vacuum system in the year of 2008.


- The factory was an environment friendly project that helps in cleaning the environment from the hazards waste of the use oil which contaminate the agricultural land and the water sources as Sudan is considered as an agricultural country.


- The green color of our drum is coming from the concept and believes of our team & management that we are a green project that’s save the environment.