Steel-Efficiency: How Odoo Transformed Dalal Steel Industries' Journey!

Dalal Steel Industries

Company Name: Dalal Steel Industries
Country: Lebanon
Industry: Manufacturing
Main Apps: CRM, Sales, Website, Point of Sale, Purchase, Inventory, Repairs, Accounting, Invoicing, Payroll, Time off, Maintenance, Fleet
Number of Odoo Users: 31
Odoo Customer Success Manager: Samer Al Tall
Odoo Implementing Parnter: Erp Cloud

In the fast-paced world of steel manufacturing and engineering, time is of the essence. Dalal Steel Industries, a global leader in producing steel buildings, prefabricated houses, containers, and sandwich panels, understands this all too well. The challenges of using multiple software tools for various tasks were hindering their productivity. However, their journey towards increased efficiency took a remarkable turn when they discovered Odoo - a versatile ERP solution. In this success story, we'll dive into how Odoo revolutionized Dalal Steel Industries' operations, creating a seamless, interconnected platform for the company's growth.

A Search for the Right ERP Partner:

Mina Dalal, the manager at Dalal Steel Industries, knew the importance of finding the right ERP partner to streamline their business processes. After two years of searching, the company stumbled upon Odoo. Intrigued by the potential, Mina registered for a demo through the Odoo app and explored the out-of-the-box features independently. Recognizing the need for further customization, Dalal Steel Industries collaborated with Odoo's partner, ERPxCloud, to fine-tune the implementation.

Consolidating Tasks for Efficiency:

Dalal Steel Industries faced the common challenge of using multiple software tools to complete various tasks, leading to inefficiency and time wastage. Tasks such as creating quotations involved juggling between Excel, AutoCAD, and Word, hindering their overall productivity. However, Odoo offered a comprehensive solution, unifying all tasks under one roof. With the sales app, the company could generate quotations in half the time, simplifying the entire process and ensuring smooth customer interactions.

Seamless Interconnected Apps:

One of Odoo's unique strengths is its interconnectedness. By adopting Odoo, Dalal Steel Industries could integrate their various departments seamlessly. The sales app, for instance, seamlessly connects to accounting, streamlining the process of creating accounting entries. The purchase and expense apps further extended this integration, allowing the company to generate accounting entries with just a few clicks. This interconnected system eliminated the need for redundant data entry, freeing up valuable time and resources.

Empowering Sales and Finance Departments:

Odoo proved to be a game-changer for Dalal Steel Industries' sales and finance departments. The sales team experienced a significant boost in productivity, with sales representatives efficiently sending out twice as many quotations each day. Follow-ups became more manageable, allowing for better client engagement and satisfaction. On the other hand, the finance department saw a remarkable transformation. With automated data entries and smooth integrations, accountants were liberated from tedious manual tasks, enabling them to focus on more strategic aspects of their roles.

Efficiency Defined - The Power of Odoo:

In a single word, Mina Dalal describes Odoo as "efficient." The all-in-one ERP platform proved to be the ultimate solution for Dalal Steel Industries, facilitating a streamlined workflow, improved productivity, and better collaboration across departments. With Odoo's implementation, Dalal Steel Industries empowered its team members to focus on driving growth and delivering top-notch products and services.


Dalal Steel Industries' success story serves as an inspiring example of how adopting the right ERP solution can transform a business's operations. Odoo's flexibility, interconnectedness, and user-friendly interface enabled Dalal Steel Industries to achieve new heights of efficiency and productivity. As a global leader in steel manufacturing, Dalal Steel Industries now looks forward to a future where they can continue to innovate, expand, and meet the demands of the industry with ease, thanks to the power of Odoo.

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