Socially Responsible Nourishment: Grameen Danone Boosted Growth with Odoo

Grameen Danone Foods Limited

Company Name: Grameen Danone Foods Limited
Location: Bangladesh 
Industry: Food and Beverage
Apps Implemented: Purchase, Inventory, Manufacturing, Accounting, Invoicing, Sales, Leaves (Time Off), Quality, Studio
Implementation Time: 3 Months
Partner Name: Metamorphosis Ltd. (
Company Size: 250+ 
No of Odoo Users: 27

Established in 2006, Grameen Danone is a Bangladeshi social enterprise that aspires to solve two of the nation's most pressing problems — malnutrition in children and unemployment. As a solution, the house launched the country's first fortified yogurt, Shokti+ yogurt, which delivers 30% of the daily requirement for iron, zinc, vitamin A, and iodine. Not only has Grameen Danone created more job opportunities in operation, production, sales, and delivery, but it has also allowed marginalized women, known as the "Shokti Lady" in nearby villages, to earn a living by selling the regional staple door to door. 

A Much-Needed Upgrade

As the business grew, Grameen Danone realized it could no longer rely on its manual operational workflow and inept accounting software that failed to present financial data accurately. Having its trust earned by the Odoo partner Metamorphosis, the F&B powerhouse spent three months revamping everything and had the company fully supported by Odoo on the backend. 

Optimizing Operations with Customized Odoo Implementation 

Our experience with Odoo is excellent. It gives us the flexibility to tackle all the issues in the procedure faster and more accurately. I recommend Odoo to any other organization looking to be a more agile entity and drive business performance.

Dipesh Nag, Managing Director at Grameen Danone

Following the standard Odoo enterprise implementation practice, our client did not experience any major hiccups and smoothly transitioned to the new system in three months with the help of Metamorphosis. 

Answering Grameen Danone's requirement for digitization, Metamorphosis cracked on with phase one of the implementation and helped the client to migrate all data and centralize the operation management on Odoo. Besides the foundational functions, such as overlooking the online purchase process, our partner responded to Grameen Danone's need for custom reporting and made additional business performance analyses available in the Inventory, Manufacturing, and Accounting modules. Not only has this facilitated easy tracking, but the manufacturing process of Grameen Danone's famous yogurt was also streamlined by almost 50%. 

The project then entered phase two, where the partner implemented a customized mechanism to help its client automate purchase prices according to the quality and be alerted of all business losses. With the customized system in effect, Grameen Danone can now automate the purchase price of raw milk per unit concerning personalized parameters such as the fat content, temperature, and corrected lactometer reading. And this is aligned with all purchase requests, approval for purchase orders, and inventory valuation report issued in-house. In return, this allows Grameen Danone to spot losses quickly within the production line, refining its business strategy. 

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With the fully integrated and automated Odoo system in operation since November 2021, Grameen Danone recorded a 45% growth last year and is looking at further expansion in the coming year. The system facilitates inclusive business analysis at any given time with one click, which helps leaders at Grameen Danone to make fast and accurate decisions in response to immediate business needs. 

Grameen Danone Foods Limited

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