Molding Future Leaders, One Odoo App at a Time: Al Mashreq University’s Digital Leap

Al Mashreq University

Company Name: Al Mashreq University
Country: Iraq
Industry: Education
Main Apps: Enrolments, Accounting, Inventory, Project, CRM, Purchase, Email Marketing, Sales, Leaves/Times Off, Expenses, Recruitment , Invoicing, Helpdesk, Website, Marketing Automation, Purchase, Timesheet, e-Commerce, Events, Documents, Social Marketing, eLearning, e-Sign
Number of Odoo Users: 73
Portal Users: 6200+
Odoo Customer Success Manager: Mohamed Hafez
Odoo Implementing Partner:Al Jawad Software House

Al Mashreq University, based in Baghdad, Iraq, is an illustrious educational institution with over 5,000 students across several faculties, including Dentistry, Pharmacy, Medical Science Techniques, Law, and Administrative and Financial Sciences. With its array of cutting-edge scientific laboratories and a commitment to fostering a conducive learning environment, Al Mashreq University is a beacon of intellectual development. This innovative establishment is renowned for its expansive green spaces, advanced air-conditioned classrooms, and a comprehensive library meeting students' scientific reference needs. As the digital revolution continues to reshape various industries, including the education sector, Al Mashreq University recognized the importance of keeping up with these global trends.

Digital Transformation with Odoo

With the assistance of Al Jawad Software House, Al Mashreq University embarked on a remarkable digital transformation journey, leveraging a range of Odoo applications to enhance its operations. These apps include Enrollment, Accounting, Inventory, Project, CRM, Purchase, Email Marketing, Sales, Leaves/Times Off, Expenses, Recruitment, Invoicing, Helpdesk, Website, Marketing Automation, Purchase, Timesheet, e-Commerce, Events, Documents, Social Marketing, eLearning, and e-Sign.

Streamlining Operations with Odoo

A significant hurdle faced by the university was managing student registration, grade management, and scheduling. By implementing an Enrollment customization, these processes were automated, reducing errors and improving accuracy, thereby leading to enhanced efficiency. 

Odoo's Accounting app simplified the management of the university's financial resources, with a custom Iraqi chart of accounts and payroll system. 

Furthermore, the Inventory and Purchase applications helped manage the university's vast resources effectively, from tracking scientific equipment to managing procurement processes.

Enhancing Student Experience

Al Mashreq University significantly improved its students' experience by implementing Odoo's eLearning app. This application facilitated a transition to digital learning environments, opening up new avenues for interactive learning and accessibility. The online exams feature and automatic correction of OMR bubble sheet exams ensured efficient assessment processes, with an accuracy rate of up to 97.85%.

Optimizing Administration and Communication

Odoo's suite of apps optimized administrative functions and communication within Al Mashreq University. The university leveraged the CRM app to manage relationships and interactions with its students, and the Project app to manage various projects across different faculties. 

The Email Marketing and Social Marketing apps streamlined the university's communication, enabling targeted messaging to students, staff, and stakeholders. 

The automation of HR processes like leaves, timesheets, and recruitment was made possible by corresponding Odoo apps, leading to significant time savings and better management of staff resources.

Data-Driven Decision Making

One of the hallmarks of Al Mashreq's digital transformation was its ability to leverage data for decision-making. Odoo's dashboard offered an at-a-glance view of the university's operations, from student enrollments to resource utilization, empowering university leadership to make informed decisions.

Security and Accessibility

Prioritizing security and accessibility, Al Mashreq integrated Odoo with their access control system, enabling students to use their ID cards, issued and printed via Odoo, to access the university gates.


Al Mashreq University's successful digital transformation with Odoo stands as an inspiring story for other educational institutions navigating the digital age. By effectively leveraging Odoo's suite of apps, Al Mashreq has enhanced its efficiency, competitiveness, and overall student experience, underscoring the power of digitalization in reshaping the education sector. This journey is not merely about incorporating technology; it's about fostering an environment that encourages innovation, collaboration, and advanced learning, reflecting Al Mashreq University's commitment to leading the way in modern education.

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