How Texas Controls transformed its business with Odoo

Company Name: Texas Control

Location: Coruña (Spain)

Industry: Manufacturing

Company Size: 250+

Odoo Users: 100+

Hosting: On-Premise

Apps: Manufacturing, Inventory, Finance, Purchase, Sales, Human Resources, Productivity and Services.

Implementation Partner: Anubia


Texas Controls is an engineering firm specializing in torsion, tensioning, and precision tightening. Founded in 1988, the business’s core activities include the production of advanced tools, such as bolt tensioning devices, along with providing training and certification services. The company primarily targets organizations within the wind energy, oil, and gas sectors. Located in Coruña, Texas Controls also has offices in Mexico, Brazil, Denmark, and the United States - positioning itself as an internationally renowned player. 

We needed to work smarter

Before adopting Odoo, Texas Controls faced a range of challenges. Over time, the company had outgrown its custom-made ERP system, holding back its scalability and productivity. The previous solution’s undeniable lack of agility made Texas Controls’ processes extremely complicated and significantly slowed down its growth. As a matter of fact, this solution couldn't keep up with the company's development needs due to its quite complex business model. Many processes couldn't be automated and had to be done manually, resulting in a significant loss of time for the employees. The outdated software didn't allow all departments to align with the same mode of operation. The company needed to work smarter. 

Realizing this problem, the company had two choices: either hire additional employees or find a software that could truly match all its needs.

We considered SAP, but it wasn’t a good fit for us

Naturally, the firm went for the second option. The question that arose was the choice of which new software would be the most adequate. Therefore, Texas Controls considered several available solutions, including Sage, Microsoft, and even SAP. In the end, the final choice had naturally landed on Odoo, partly because it allowed them to fully address the needs and partly because of Odoo’s attractive prices.

The most important thing is to give employees the right tools

Next came the implementation phase, which was no small feat given the project's complexity. It has been successfully carried out by Anubia, an Odoo partner specializing in manufacturing. The biggest challenge encountered during this phase was the employees’ resistance to change. However, the employees quickly realized the benefits that Odoo would bring to their daily work. In the end, Odoo enabled employees to work more efficiently, but also simplified processes, and increased tremendously people’s productivity. 

Having an ERP system fully tailored to its needs has made Texas Controls much more competitive in the market. According to them, Odoo has been a game changer. For businesses willing to enhance their efficiency and scalability, Odoo stands as the all-in-one transformative solution that can bring lasting improvements and empower employees to achieve their fullest potential.

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