From challenges to one central solution

Company Name: Cosanum AG

Location: Switzerland

Industry: Healthcare Logistics

Company Size: 100+

Odoo Users: 100+

Hosting Type: On Premise

Apps: Sales, CRM, Human Resource, Finance, Inventory & MRP, Services

Discover how Cosanum AG leveraged Odoo to improve its logistics, overcome operational challenges, and elevate its business to a new level of efficiency and transparency.

Based in Schlieren, Switzerland, Cosanum AG positioned itself over the years as a trustful solutions' provider to the healthcare system, showcasing a commitment to customer-centricity. The company seamlessly integrates digital logistics and a vast array of medical products across different expertise, namely: healthcare, orthopedics, and work safety.

Cosanum AG was facing a complex array of challenges stemming from a disparate system landscape. Managing separate systems for warehousing, CRM, and purchasing created a labyrinth of data management and coordination hurdles. Indeed, before Odoo, the company was running various solutions like Opacc, AddOne, Sage, Dynamics, and LVS (WMS).

The implementation process began in 2019. Initially adopting only two HR apps, the company gradually incorporated finance, gaining a progressive understanding of Odoo's capabilities. A phased approach to implementation, starting with smaller segments and working in parallel with existing systems, allowed Cosanum AG to continuously refine its processes. The culmination of this effort was a successful first smaller Go-Live to begin with, followed by a bigger one 6 months later, enabling Cosanum AG to learn from the first one and fix all missing parts.

The company has now harnessed the power of 100+ active users across a wide spectrum of applications, ranging from, Sales, Inventory, Helpdesk, CRM and invoicing to project management, and beyond.

Major Roadblocks and Solutions

During the implementation, Cosanum AG faced several roadblocks, namely:

  • Data Migration: Overcoming this challenge involved external support for migration and a meticulous data cleaning process.
  • Time Constraints: Diligent progress tracking and increased resources proved crucial in dealing with time-related obstacles.
  • Language Barriers: While language barriers with the implementation partner existed, the company adeptly maneuvered through them.

Significant Changes and Improvements

Odoo's integration, as an all-in-one solution, enabled the company to eliminate the necessity to manage disparate systems. By eliminating data discrepancies and the need for multiple integrations, Odoo became a unifying force, boosting operations across various departments of Cosanum AG. It brought multiples improvements:

  • Enhanced Transparency: Odoo's integrated approach provided every employee with a comprehensive view, fostering transparency throughout the entire organization.
  • Scalability: Agility and speed became the normal, enabling the company to meet evolving demands and do more in less time.
  • Digital Awareness: Employees embraced a heightened digital awareness, contributing to a more tech-savvy and efficient workforce.
  • Improved Collaboration: Odoo’s collaboration features and transparency facilitated seamless collaboration among teams, promoting better communication and efficiency.

The success story of Cosanum AG exemplifies how Odoo, as a comprehensive business management solution, can positively transform operations, instill transparency, and drive digital innovation across diverse industries. 

Implementatio​n Partner:

Business Health: Medicost and Odoo