Both employee levels and hired referrals have avatars to select from, or new ones can be uploaded.

Customized rewards

Customized rewards that employees can redeem points for best incentivizes referrals.

Accrue points

As employees refer more applicants, they earn points as they move along the pipeline.


Level up in Referrals and watch your avatar change and become more powerful.!

Visible Metrics

See your stats right on the main dashboard. See the total referrals, how many are ongoing in the hiring process, and how many candidates were hired.


Right at the top of the main dashboard, see your level, total points earned, and how many points are available to spend.

Track points earned

Clicking on the Referrals, Ongoing, or Successful buttons, see how many points were earned for each step of the referral process.

Build a team

When a referral is hired, choose an avatar that will appear on the referrals dashboard.


Quickly send jobs

Email a list of jobs with your personal referral link from the 'Email a friend' button right on the main dashboard.

View all jobs

See all the current open positions with a summary, and number of positions to fill.

Social media integration

Custom links for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are ready to share from each job card.

Custom emails

Send a specific job via email with a tracking link directly to your referral.


Customize the dashboard

Don't like the background image? Change it by uploading your own! Restore the default image at any time.

Set rewards

Add custom rewards and set the points they cost, add descriptions, and a photo.


Change or add levels, and adjust the names and avatars for each level.


Choose the name and avatar for the different friend options that appear on the dashboard as referrals are hired.


Create alerts and send them to your staff by setting a timeframe the alert is active for, adding alert text, and a clickable link or specific URL, if applicable. The alert text appears at the top of the dashboard.


Edit or add to the introductory text that appears when first going to the Referrals app.