Healthcare Conglomerate Monos Pharma Trade Digitize Buisness with Odoo

Company Name: Monos Pharma Trade LLC

Location: Mongolia

Industry: Health and Life Science, Health Supplies, Retail

Company Size: 250+

Apps Implemented: Dashboards, Documents, Time Off, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting, eCommerce, Website, Sales, Invoicing, Blogs, Barcode, Notes, Discuss, Skills Management, Payroll, Employee Contracts, Attendance, CRM, Contacts 

Partner Name: Cubicsoft LLC (

No. of Odoo Users: 137

Hosting Type: On-premise

Leading the pharmaceutical sector since 1990, Monos Pharma Trade distributes medicine and healthcare products from global manufacturers in Mongolia. The B2B healthcare pioneer operates in 120 pharmacies nationwide and partners with public institutions on ISO standards to serve locals. 

Managing Disperse Data

Monos Pharma's management system in the past was rather dated. 

The Mongolian company relied on email as its main contact point for internal and external communications. All inventory details, including purchase orders and stock levels, were stored and managed in different Excel files, held on each staff's personal computer, and were not connected to a central location.

More importantly, this process was prone to human error. Incapable of keeping real-time checks on the inventory level at all times, the operation team could miss purchase orders on certain products, which resulted in product shortages and delayed delivery. 

When reporting deadlines approached, the teams would have to manually collect and filter all data from the pages of Excel sheets before inputting them into a finance management system designed in-house to generate reports. 

Impractical and time-consuming, Monos Pharma decided to upgrade its backend system. After searching domestically and internationally, the healthcare conglomerate finally settled with Odoo. The scalable system answers all their business needs for project, finance, and inventory management and assists them in making more profitable business decisions. 

Centralizing 7,000 Products and 800 Daily Orders Onto One System

Being the first company in Mongolia to implement our services in 2012, Monos Pharma trained a dedicated team, now known in the Odoo partnership network as Cubicsoft LLC, to optimize the use of the system while customizing the finance apps, such as Odoo Payroll, Accounting, to name a few, to comply with the country's tax and legal regulations. 

Besides finance administration, the company also experiences major inventory and warehouse management improvements. 

With an integrated system connecting the backend to the front, the operations team in the pharmaceutical company can now automate all business operations on an average of 800 orders onto Odoo Inventory, Sales, Invoicing, and Purchase as soon as an order is placed online through the Odoo Website & eCommerce app. The team can then generate necessary invoices and purchase orders with a few clicks on the backend.

The new system is also bringing the same level of convenience, if not more, to the warehouse team, owing to real-time data sharing. Once a sales order is registered, the Inventory app automatically holds the purchased goods and updates the stock level of all 7,000 products it manages. Having every product tagged under a unique lot number that indicates their inventory level and locations, the team can check stock availability anytime and anywhere online on Odoo when necessary. 

As a result, the new system has boosted the team's efficiency in delivering up to 48,000 units of diverse products to our customers daily. 

For quality checks and maintenance, the team improved efficiency by six times with the Digital Assorting System on Odoo and successfully eliminated all the manual work and paper usage. The streamlined quality check and maintenance procedure also reduces inventory losses significantly, as all sold goods are confirmed to be in their best shape and form before delivery. 

Furthermore, this new workflow smoothens the approval process. The digital transformation has allowed managers to approve and confirm new order placements immediately. Once a new order is placed, the Odoo system automatically notifies managers with a request for approval. This formerly paper-based process can now be done in seconds, optimizing time costs and reducing paper waste. 

Thanks to data centralization and business digitization, generating business reports has become a swift and effortless task during the fiscal season as Odoo stores all figures and numbers and offers a range of business reports to respond to Monos Pharma's different concerns. 

In short, the integrated Odoo system has contributed to advanced and more efficient service delivery while presenting the company with a clear lookout for the future.

Introducing Odoo to Mongolia

To keep up with the rapidly evolving technology and changes, it is important to select an ERP system that can adapt to it without causing disruptions to the business, and that is Odoo.

Onon Bayasgalan • CEO at Monos Pharma Trade

With Cubicsoft now known as our Gold Partner in Mongolia, not only has Monos Pharma Trade successfully upgraded its business management system with Odoo to optimize service delivery, but it has also helped numerous other Mongolian businesses to experience the scalable power of Odoo.

Monos Pharma Trade LLC 


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