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How to make your marketplace scalable & profitable using Odoo Enterprise - a use case with Miomente GmbH
Business Community Talk
Location: Mezzanine 500 - 10/12/22, 1:30 PM - 10/12/22, 2:00 PM (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)

How to make your marketplace scalable & profitable using Odoo Enterprise - a use case with Miomente GmbH
Simon Stappen
Managing Partner at much. GmbH
Managing Partner at much. GmbH

Simon Stappen is co-founder and managing partner of the German Odoo Gold Partner much. Consulting. Along with his partner Mike Schulz and an international team of over 55 consultants, developers, and project managers, he helps companies of all sizes drive their growth and improve their business processes as an expert in ERP, process automation, and digital strategy. 

This talk looks at the use of Odoo Enterprise for the German online event marketplace Miomente and the advantages the Odoo Enterprise system offers for such organizations.

Marketplaces always have the challenge of efficiently managing two-sided transactions. For each transaction with a client, a similar transaction happens with the vendor. The efficiency of this core process is required to allow a marketplace to scale and be profitable. Especially the vendor side of operations is work-intensive if the market works with many small partners, as in our use case.

In the example of Miomente, we will show:

  • How to fully automate a two-sided marketplace transaction with Odoo enterprise using the sales, purchasing, and accounting apps?
  • How to avoid manual labor while working with many small vendors?
  • How did the Odoo website & portal allow us to create a self-service solution for marketplace vendors to allow vendors to update their offerings on the marketplace?

For this purpose, our customer Miomente GmbH will report on how Odoo Enterprise has enabled them to optimize & automate their core processes.

Key Learnings - The audience will be presented with answers to questions such as:

  • Why efficiency in handling two-sided transactions is critical for the scalability & profitability of a marketplace?
  • How to design the core transaction process to work automated to minimize manual labor?
  • How to implement this process in Odoo Enterprise?

Target audience:

The talk helps all sizes of transaction-heavy companies (marketplaces, eCommerce companies, dropshipping businesses, distributors & wholesalers). It is further relevant for anyone working in an industry where process efficiency is critical for scalability & profitability.

Furthermore, it helps any business understand how Odoo Enterprise can automate processes in their organization.

About the involved customer:

As Germany's leading gusto event platform, Miomente GmbH sells culinary events & event vouchers for cooking classes, wine tastings, and exclusive company celebrations in German-speaking countries. The mission: to open the door to exciting, new worlds of enjoyment for people and to send them on expeditions into the world of taste. Following this basic philosophy, Miomente develops culinary events with hand-picked cooking schools, passionate baristas, experienced sommeliers, and gin, whisky, and cocktails experts.