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Maximize ROI with AI-Powered App for Analytics-Driven Interactive PDFs on Odoo
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Ubicación: Auditorium 500 - 10/11/23 12:00 - 10/11/23 12:30 (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutos)
Maximize ROI with AI-Powered App for Analytics-Driven Interactive PDFs on Odoo
Chirag Jogi
Delivery Head en Brainvire Infotech
Chirag Jogi
Delivery Head en Brainvire Infotech

Chirag Jogi is an Odoo-certified consultant at Brainvire with 13 years of experience, leading a strong team of 200+. He specializes in retail and manufacturing and has extended his expertise in Odoo consultation, architecture, and execution to a wide range of industry niches such as automobiles, distribution, reseller marketplaces, and store solutions.

As a speaker, he participated in Odoo experience talks thrice to give back to the Odoo community and allow as many businesses as possible to benefit from Odoo.

Understanding the psyche of end users is vital for virtually every business. And all means of gathering information can help. But when it comes to widely-used PDF documents, getting an insight into how many users have actually reviewed the file, what they found interesting, what they faced a challenge understanding, and more becomes difficult.

Some examples of the PDFs in question include detailed proposals shared, product catalogs, user manuals, eLearning documents for employee training, educational documents, and newsletters.

If the PDFs on Odoo could be interactive and generate analytics, it could help businesses create better, targeted content, resolve customer queries faster, and significantly increase customer engagement with an enhanced experience.

That’s where Docylink comes in.

->The Function
Brainvire created Docylink, identifying that no features available could provide analytics or engage customers through interactive PDFs. Odoo’s DMS allows seamless sharing and collaboration with PDFs, but with the Docylink app integration, businesses can engage their customers and gain valuable feedback and insights.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML), we developed Docylink. The app can be embedded into the Odoo platform through a single sign-on feature. In addition, documents added in Odoo can be leveraged through the Docylink URL, giving a Public User view and an Admin User view.

Challenges and Solutions
->Identifying Customer Interest through Catalogs:
With the In-Document Voting feature of Docylink, businesses could identify what products customers are more inclined toward and take appropriate steps to leverage them. As a result, they were better able to understand demand, inventory, product development, and marketing strategies.

->Building Better Understanding with Interactivity:
For educational and informative PDFs like user manuals, ebooks, codes of conduct, detailed proposals, SOWs, and more, interactivity can help businesses directly connect with their end consumers.

Docylink’s chatroom and commenting features enabled users to contact the admin to resolve real-time queries while giving the admin insights on improving their content.

It also gave real-time trackability to ensure users have reviewed the document before raising their concerns.

In addition, the walkthrough feature enabled better understanding for users without manual intervention from the admins.

->Gaining Insights from the Analytics Dashboard:
Docylink’s dashboard gives an overview of varied analytics like the number of users who reviewed the document, the number of walkthroughs, votes, comments, chatroom initiations, downloads, prints, and clicks. With these insights, businesses will be able to focus their resources and budget on the right targets based on customer preferences.

Value for the Audience
->Benefiting the Entire Scope of Industries:
The Docylink integration with Odoo can benefit all industries, including Education, Manufacturing, Automotive, IT, Real Estate, Retail, Fashion, F&B, and Diamond and Jewelry. Basically, any sector that finds potential in gaining user insights through PDFs can leverage this functionality.

->Improving ROI:
Businesses can increase their ROI by 50% with better budget focus, resource management, targeted content, customer engagement, and higher conversion rates.

->Tapping into New Levels of Customer Engagement:
By enhancing customer-first and experience-led approaches, businesses could tap into a whole new level of customer engagement and tracking content.