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Sharing our 7 years experience of teaching digital business
Functional Community Talk
Ubicación: Foyer 500 - 12/10/22 11:00 - 12/10/22 11:30 (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutos)
Cédric Gaspoz
Professeur ordinaire
Cédric Gaspoz
Professeur ordinaire

Ulysse Rosselet & Cédric Gaspoz are Professor of Information Systems at the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO). They co-authored the Aroolla games in order to teach ERP and integrated business processes classes at Bachelor, Master and Executive levels.

In this talk, we share seven years of experience in teaching digital transformation with Odoo in higher education and some useful tools that can assist you in designing your own courses.

During those years, we have initiated more than 1.800 students to Odoo and gathered significant knowledge about what works and what doesn't.

The courses are dedicated to information systems, business processes, business intelligence, and digital transformation. 

What was Odoo used for?

- Odoo has been used as the driving thread and as a tool to apply and develop business and computer science skills by classes of 20 to 250 students, both on-site and online. 
- We also use Odoo as a management system in a capstone course in strategic business management.

On top of being able to use Odoo with ease, our students are aware of how such software integrates and supports a company’s overall business strategy and of the need to develop a data-oriented culture in organizations. They experience firsthand how integrated management systems can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations and how to rely on analytics to support strategic decision-making.

During this talk, we will present different types of pedagogical scenarios, tools to develop Odoo-based serious games as well as best practices stemming from our experiences. The presentation will be illustrated by testimonials from students who have participated in our courses and by demonstrations of the way we make the link between Odoo and the overall pedagogical objectives of our classes.

Target audience

Academics and teachers