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Tutorial: Develop an App with the Odoo Framework
Ubicación: Studio 5 - 30/9/20 16:30 - 30/9/20 17:30 (Europe/Brussels) (1 hora)

Tutorial: Develop an App with the Odoo Framework
Yannick Tivisse
Python & Javascript Developer at Odoo
Python & Javascript Developer at Odoo

Yannick joined the Odoo team in 2014 as a product owner. During that time, he worked on the business flows of all the applications and on usability tasks. After a while, he decided to be a full-time developer.

He was leading the RD Dummies team in which newly hired developers were coming to follow functional and technical training, and create their first project. Now, he is leading a team of more than 10 developers managing the continuous improvement and the development of new features covering the HR, services, and sales applications. On top of that, he takes part in the recruitment process by making technical interviews and training the new employees, for the R&D department.

Are you curious to understand Odoo's framework? So, join us in this talk!

We will use a plant nursery business case to illustrate the following technical elements:

- Structure of a module;

- Complex views;

- The relation between models;

- ORM interactions;

- [Bonus] Other cool features.

Discover why Odoo is the perfect choice to develop a simple application, and in just a few minutes!