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Evento Odoo Experience 2020 starts on 30 de septiembre de 2020, 14:00:00 CEST
Security: Odoo Code Hardening
Ubicación: Studio5 - 30/9/20 14:30 - 30/9/20 15:30 (-0400) (1 hora)

Security: Odoo Code Hardening
Olivier Dony Platform & Security at Odoo

Olivier joined the Odoo team in 2009. As an R&D engineer, he is specialized in the technical aspects of the Odoo framework, the stability of the overall product, and all performance aspects. He has also a key role in the Odoo Cloud team, designing and running the Odoo SaaS platform. He created the Odoo Security team, which puts him in a good position to act as the data protection specialist in the context of GDPR. He also follows the activities of the global Odoo Community, helping and connecting contributors with the Odoo team.

Security is vital and difficult. Lately, keeping web applications secure has been an incredibly difficult task in the face of the ever-increasing diversity of software security problems.

With this talk, developers will learn hints of best practices to ensure the security of their Odoo code and avoid common pitfalls. Based on the famous OWASP Top 10, and a history of security training given to Odoo R&D, this presentation will attempt to cover the most common security bugs found in Odoo apps, describing how they work, their impact, and how to detect and fix them during code reviews.

Join us!

Prerequisite: some development experience, not necessarily in Odoo, but ideally in Python and/or Javascript. The principles will be introduced, but there will also be specific code analysis examples.