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Owl: The New Odoo UI Framework
Ubicación: Studio 5 - 30/9/20 17:30 - 30/9/20 18:30 (Europe/Brussels) (1 hora)

Owl: The New Odoo UI Framework
Géry Debongnie
Python & Javascript Developer at Odoo
Python & Javascript Developer at Odoo

Géry is in charge of the Javascript framework team at Odoo R&D department. He is one of the main contributors for several large projects for web client, including the pivot table view, Odoo Studio, Javascript views, the Owl UI framework, and the new Spreadsheet feature. He is the primary reviewer of Javascript projects.

Last year Odoo introduced a new javascript framework, named Owl. It is intended to provide the core UI features for the future of Odoo frontend codebase.

In this technical talk, aimed at developers, you will be introduced to Owl by exploring the reasons why this new framework was created and its design principles, followed by a practical example (building of an application).

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What's a common owl way for a component to communicate with one of its parent component?
Which of the following is not an owl lifecycle method?