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Developing New Widgets for Your Views in Owl
Ubicación: Studio 5 - 30/9/20 18:30 - 30/9/20 19:00 (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutos)

Developing New Widgets for Your Views in Owl
Géry Debongnie
Lead Developer at Odoo
Lead Developer at Odoo

Géry is in charge of the Javascript framework team at Odoo R&D department. He is one of the main contributors for several large projects for web client, including the pivot table view, Odoo Studio, Javascript views, the Owl UI framework, and the new Spreadsheet feature. He is the primary reviewer of Javascript projects.

In this talk, we will discuss how to develop field widgets in Owl for the main Odoo views. But more generally, this talk aims to provide developers all the information they need to work with the Owl framework in Odoo. This includes how to make Owl templates, how to create an Owl component inside a widget, and more!

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Which view(s) have a built-in way to register field widget made in owl?
By default, are static xml templates considered to be owl or legacy templates?