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Centrics Business Solutions (Pvt) Ltd
No. 200, MAGA ONE, 11th Floor, Nawala Road, Narahenpita, Colombo 00500
10250 Nugegoda
Sri Lanka

Centrics Business Solutions (Pvt) Ltd

Centrics Business Solutions (Pvt) Ltd

Centrics is a part of a family of IT brands incepted in 2006 and we worked together to unlock the growth potential of digital transformation. In 2020 Centrics diversified its services to specialize in delivering first-class Odoo ERP solutions. We have helped organizations across diverse business verticals optimize business processes, centralize complex operations, and command business success with our unique approach to Odoo system implementation, robust customizations, technology management, and consultancy solutions.

Centrics stands among the elite 15% of Odoo Gold Partners worldwide, empowering organizations with bold, diverse, and resilient business solutions. We work with clients from across Asia, North America, Scandinavia, and Middle Eastern regions. We have a large pool of Odoo-certified professionals with knowledge in finance, manufacturing, warehouse management, hospitality, and professional services. Centrics works in close collaboration with Odoo Hong Kong to serve our clients with cutting-edge ERP solutions.

Our strength is in delivering innovation and automation via progressive software solutions built on the latest Odoo technology, accommodating business growth and operational excellence. Centrics stands out from the crowd with our bespoke solutions, implementation excellence, functional scalability, and formulation of technological solutions that help our clients succeed while meeting business objectives. Our proven approach, technical frameworks, and operational methodologies ensure your solutions are built to perfection with the synchronization of diverse systems and workflows into one unique ecosystem.


Aiken Pvt Ltd
Aiken provides state-of-the-art equipment and engineering solutions to the banking, telecommunications, and electronics industries. It has partnered with some of the world’s leading companies to offer banking, Point of Sale (POS), office automation, network, and IT solutions to its customers.
Aletek International (Pvt) Ltd
Aletek caters to the industrial inputs of the B2B Food & Beverage Industry in Sri Lanka. They represent world-renowned brands from numerous countries. The company is involved in the business of importing and distributing raw materials to the Food & Beverage Industry of Sri Lanka while providing innovative concepts, technical services, and support.
Allion Technologies (Pvt) Ltd
** ONLY V13 Certified Partner in Sri Lanka **
We are a leading odoo partner from Sri Lanka providing odoo implementation services to clients in Sri Lanka, Sweden and North America. With our proven track record implementing odoo ERP solutions, Our goal is to become best odoo ERP implementation partner in Sri Lanka
Please refer below our growing list of references, for world class odoo ERP implementations we have done covering various sectors
Allion Technologies Pty Ltd
Allion is a digital transformation consultancy and engineering company that delivers innovation and excellence in cutting-edge digital solutions for global organizations, governments, and technology startups. Since 2006, they have been helpings businesses and global brands reimagine and realign their business through digitization, automation, and resilience.
Bluetec Holding (PVT) LTD
Bluetec holds the national importation and distribution rights for Petromin Brand lubricants and greases in Sri Lanka. An organization dedicated to wholesale and retail trading. Bluetec Holding offered a broad line of products focused mainly on the automotive industry such as automotive lubricants, industrial lubricants, auto spare parts, automotive brake fluids, radiator antifreeze, coolants, and greases.

They believe that technology is key to the future success of their organization and enables the best possible delivery of information and products, Bluetec Holding (Pvt) Ltd has signed with Centrics to assist in its digital transformation through Odoo. The main scope of the project is to optimize Sales processes, Invoicing, Accounting Management, Purchase processes, Inventory management, HR Management and Petty cash. 
Carekleen (Pvt) Ltd
Carekleen (Pvt) Ltd., a service-oriented company, managed its procurement process wholly using manual operations, from its customer good issuing notes (GINs), budgeting, and purchasing management process. Centrics supported Carekleen in establishing an optimized and customized system that delivers value in automating GINs, budgeting, procurement, and recurring invoice management.

Cenmetrix (Pvt) Ltd
Cenmetrix enables its clients to digitize their assets and infrastructure. By deploying innovative technology such as biometrics, RFID, artificial intelligence, and IoT. Cenmetrix provides its clients with the data and insights to monitor, measure, and monetize their critical investments.
Chama Computers PVT LTD
Chama Computers (Pvt) Ltd is a computer accessories seller in Sri Lanka. They are dedicated to giving you the very best computer parts, with a focus on quality, price, and brands such as Intel, Dell, Apple, Hyperx, Kingston, Seagate, Toshiba, Asrock, Gigabyte, Benq, Hp, Lenovo, Samsung, and many more.

Chama Computers (Pvt) Ltd has signed with Centrics to empower its business through Odoo. The all-rounder ERP is the perfect leap for any business - at any scale. They use CRM, Sales, Invoicing, Accounting, Project, Timesheets, Website, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting, Expenses, Employee, Time Off, Payroll, and Recruitment apps to optimize their business processes for future success. 
Davnik Distributors
Davnik is specialized in the wholesale distribution business in Sri Lanka, specifically for JAT Holdings and PD lite. They collaborated with Centrics to streamline their inventory management system and advance their financial and accounting management with the implementation and adoption of Odoo ERP.
Dokument Press 26 AB
Dokument Press is both a publisher and a knowledge-providing company with its roots in the Swedish hip-hop movement. Its publishing includes book titles that both reach large audiences and affects social discourse. They give lectures and workshops both in Sweden and abroad, mainly on street culture, creativity, civic participation, and the right to public space.
E-Silk Route Ventures Ltd.
E-Silk Route Ventures (Private) Limited was established with the strategic goal of cultivating trade routes in the contemporary business landscape, specializing in exporting premium-quality commodities from a local setting and importing essential goods. Situated in Sri Lanka, the company is positioned to provide the global market with high-caliber spices, tea, herbs, coconut products, and various agricultural commodities.

Emerging Integrated Technology Company
Interpay is a leading payment technology provider in the Middle East that provide a full suite of payment solutions. Interpay is focused on empowering small and medium companies. They have formed strategic alliances with major providers of payment touchpoints of both hardware, software, and unattended machines.
Everbolt Engineering (PVT) Ltd
Everbolt Engineering provides a complete range of products and services from Panel Builders, Machine Manufacturers, and Process Plants. They ensure product quality, affordability, excellent customer service, and on-time delivery.
Finch Trading (Pvt) Ltd
Finch Foods is a fast-growing FMCG distribution company in Sri Lanka specializing in the retail and distribution of premium quality international brands.
They believe that technology is key to the future success of their organization and enables the best possible delivery of information and products, Finch Trading (Pvt) Ltd has signed with Centrics to assist in its digital transformation through Odoo. The main scope of the project is to optimize its sales management, validate invoicing protocols, streamline the purchasing processes, integrate inventory and tracking systems for warehouse management, and streamline its accounting processes.
FineFinish Engineering (Pvt) Ltd
FineFinish Engineering (FFE) advanced machine shop has expanded far beyond building customized machine parts. Presently, they offer CNC Solutions including Milling and Turning, Plasma Cutting, Profile Grinding, Wire Cut, EDM, and pioneer in Fabrication, Hydraulic & Pneumatic solutions. They also provide 24/7 service to clients on any engineering solution. They specializing in producing and suppling industry part solutions.

Interpay MEA
Interpay is a leading payment technology provider in the Middle East that provide a full suite of payment solutions. Interpay is focused on empowering small and medium companies. They have formed strategic alliances with major providers of payment touchpoints of both hardware, software, and unattended machines.
Intervode designs and builds customer-focused e-commerce platforms that go beyond out of the box solutions. Leveraging the power of AI, our solutions learn user behavior to drive iterative innovations that capture customer desires, exceed expectations and accurately maps and grows spending patterns.
JAT Holdings PLC
JAT Holdings was named as one of the Top Strongest Conglomerate Brands in the country through diversification. Furthermore, the company was recognized as a leading industrial trading company and was awarded the title of the Largest Distributor of Sayerlack in the world.
Lake Serenity
Lake Serenity is a hotel introduced as one of the felicities by RTS Holdings. This hotel is the 2nd successive eco-friendly boutique hotel in the whole country. Lake Serenity is located 89km away from the city of Colombo and is found in a small town called Kuruvita.

Lake Serenity has signed with Centrics to elevate its business through ERP powered by Odoo. At Centrics, we ensure the partnerships we build bring definitive results. Apps they use to optimize business efficiency are Sales, Invoicing, Accounting, Purchase, Inventory, Manufacturing, Employee, Hotel Management, and House Keeping. 
Lovart Bookshop
Lovart Art Bookshop  is a subsidiary of Novelty Bookshop, since its establishment in 1978, the company has been an esteemed partner in the education and corporate market of Maldives. They have consistently delivered high-quality products and services at competitive prices, ensuring exceptional experiences for their customers.
Nawamini Group
Nawamini Showrooms are a leading Consumer Electronics, Electrical, and Home Appliance retailer in Ratnapura and Balangoda.

Nawamini Group has partnered with Centrics as it leaps into a high-functioning service delivery through Odoo ERP. A real-time work environment wherever-whenever. They use Sales, Invoicing, Accounting, Purchase, Inventory, Repair, Employee, and Time Off apps to optimize their business processes.
Nawamini.Com (Pvt) Ltd
Nawamini is a diversified trading company in the categories of mobile dealerships, vehicle dealerships, agriculture-based products, and SME machinery.
Novelty Bookshop
Novelty Bookshops has been a valuable partner in the education and corporate market of Maldives, since its inception in 1978. They provide quality products and services on a consistent basis at competitive prices and deliver exceptional service experiences to their customers.
Novelty Bookshop Kulhudhuffushi
With the success of this partnership, Centrics expanded its services to Novelty Bookshop branches in Kulhudhuffushi and Hulhumalé. The ERP solution provided by Centrics enabled Novelty Bookshop to efficiently manage its inventory, sales, and accounting processes across multiple locations while providing real-time updates and data analysis. This helped Novelty Bookshop make informed decisions and remain competitive in its market.
Nutrijay Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd
Nutrijay, a leading Ice cream manufacturer partnered with Centrics to better manage its manufacturing, supply chain, sales process, franchise operations, and distributor operations through the successful implementation of Odoo. Odoo’s Purchase, Inventory, Sales, and Accounting apps have supported Nutrijay in streamlining its inventory management system, sales, and payment collection systems.
Priyantha Enterprise
Priyantha Enterprises is a leading company in the garment machinery sales and renting business. The company supplies equipment and machines for large-scale apparel companies in Sri Lanka.
Priyantha Enterprises collaborated with Centics to implement Odoo ERP to support the adoption of best practices in accounting and inventory management while automating processes with applications: Purchase, Inventory, Sales, Accounting, and Rental apps, helping the company streamline their rental business processes and spare parts management.
RTS Holding
RTS Holdings is a group of companies diversified amongst the Hidellana Tea Factory, Tea Nursery, Heavy Equipment Industry, Engineering, Petroleum, Bopath Falls Rock Chalets, and the Lake Serenity Boutique Hotel.
SC Tubular Solutions (B) Sdn Bhd
Sumitomo Corporation has been selected for the Fortune Global 500 for 28 years and is a general trading company with 20 offices in Japan and 111 overseas. Sumitomo Corporation has over 900 consolidated companies and employs over 70,000 people on a consolidated basis. 

The Sumitomo Corporation Group has six business divisions, one initiative, and domestic and overseas regional organizations working together to develop global business from upstream to downstream. The centralization, automation, and integration of key business touchpoints therefore a vital factor that contributes to business success.  The apps they use to optimize Business efficiency are Employee, Website, Recruitment, E-learning, Time Off, Appraisals, Expenses, Invoicing, Survey, Attendance, and Payroll.
Samley Teas (Pvt) Ltd
Samley Tea was founded in 2015 with a vision of marketing Ceylon tea to tea connoisseurs who value a quality tea product. Samley Teas has been continuously supplying their brands and private labels to various buyers in established global tea markets for many years. They have exported over 500,000kg of tea within a year across 11 destinations.
TSL Holdings (Private) Limited
TSL Holdings (Pvt) Limited is a robust organization specialized in handling fast-moving consumer goods with comprehensive warehousing, logistics, sales, and marketing infrastructure. They are one of Unilever's most sought-after business partners in Sri Lanka. 
Tailor Store International (PVT) Ltd.

Tailor Store offers custom-tailored dress shirts online. Using advanced technology and algorithms, they provide customers with the fit of a lifetime. The company
owns and operates its own manufacturing facility with a focus on high quality and social responsibility. Tailor Store partnered with Centrics to streamline their
business processes with the implementation of Odoo Inventory, Purchase, and HR applications
Uni Gro
UniGro is a Whole Sale Business Establishment based in heart of Colombo, they bring the highest quality Mannequins & Garment Display Accessories to the market at affordable prices.
UniGro co-operated with Centrics to deploy Odoo ERP comprising of apps such as Purchase, Inventory, Sales, and Accounting with the aim of streamlining its operations through the integration and automation of its inventory management system, accounting, sales, and purchasing processes.
VEGA Innovations
Vega Innovations is an electric vehicle (EV) automobile manufacturer of electric supercars, based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Vega also designs and manufactures EV components such as high-performance inverters, drivetrains, and battery packs; as well as provides EV research and development (R&D) services to clients worldwide.

As a business, keeping up with technology is now more crucial than ever. VEGA Innovations has partnered with Centrics to tailor a unique digital transformation powered by Odoo's ever-scalable platform. They use CRM, Sales, Invoicing, Accounting, Project, Timesheets, Purchase, Inventory, Employee, Field Service, Planning, Helpdesk, Manufacturing, and Quality apps to optimize their business processes.