WhatsApp: Advanced Setup | Odoo Discuss

In this video, learn how to integrate Whatsapp with Odoo, and how to customize templates; we'll cover all things Whatsapp. 0:00 Introduction 0:35 WhatsApp Business Account Configuration 1:26 Webhooks 1:47 Notifications 2:38 WhatsApp Templates 3:22 Template Basic Breakdown 3:43 Linked Model 4:27 Phone Field 4:40 Category 4:56 Users 5:08 Technical name and language 5:13 Header / Footer 6:02 Advanced Template Settings 6:05 Body Tab 6:32 Dynamic Variables Tab 8:01 Buttons Tab 8:29 Preview 8:38 Allow Multi Button 8:48 Conclusion Other lessons related to this video:  - WhatsApp Basics: (https://youtu.be/4k4wSQ6sqpw) - Chatter Basics (https://youtu.be/fE5bgFIGEJ8) - Odoo Discuss: Direct Messages & Voice/Video Calls | Getting started (https://youtu.be/o4WAnB6LUSw) -  Odoo Discuss: Channels (https://youtu.be/jjC9oi4Eo3Y) -  Odoo Discuss: Direct Messages & Voice/Video Calls | Getting started (https://youtu.be/o4WAnB6LUSw) Need more information about WhatsApp in Odoo?  https://www.odoo.com/documentation/saas-16.3/applications/productivity/whatsapp.html Discover Odoo, schedule a demo, or start your own Odoo revolution for free (no credit card required), at https://www.odoo.com.

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1. What Type of variable needs to be selected in order to reference a specific field within a model in the body of the text?
3. Which field in the WhatsApp template sets the model for which fields will be referenced in the final end-user message?