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Zea Elektronik San. Ve Tic. A.Ş.
Zea Elektronik San. Ve Tic. A.Ş.
Conference Halls
Intelligent, focusing on the participants visually and aurally, allowing collaboration
Conference halls equipped with lectern and automation systems have become an important part of institutionalization. With Kramer, it is possible to bring together A to Z solutions that support all types of users and devices, large and small, easy to use.

Command Control Centers
It is possible to create systems that will monitor and control a large number of sources on a large number of screens with different technology and product groups to meet the needs. Quality image transfer, uninterrupted transition and control options in the applications we have implemented provide trouble-free service for many years. We can offer videowall, multiview and KVM options for any scale application.

Board of Directors Rooms
Boardrooms require high quality hardware. With our solutions, the users are offered the most advanced audio and visual opportunities. There is no place for technical problems and wasting time in our applications. Stylish table junction and connection solutions eliminate cable clutter. Wireless presentation systems do not only provide image transfer, they are equipped with many features that allow videoconferencing and collaboration. With stylish and simple automation interfaces, it is possible to control the room with a few touches.

Entertainment Venues
Multi-screen display systems and providing customers with a quality audio presentation have become the most important part of entertainment venues. It is possible to create delay-free and easy-to-control solutions with traditional Pro AV solutions or transmission systems on the network for applications at any scale.