Redefining culinary experiences with Odoo

Company Name: SV Group

Location: Switze​rland, Germany, Austria

Industry: Food & Beverages

Company Size: 1000+

Odoo Users: 1000+

Apps:  Sales, Accounting, Invoicing, Website, Inventory, Purchase, eCommerce, Manufacturing, Human Resources, Helpdesk, Subscription, Discuss, Contacts, Product Lifecycle Management, Live Chat, Dashboards

The SV Group is a leading gastronomy and hotel management company with Swiss roots. With over 6,900 employees across Switzerland, Germany, and Austria, the company is committed to fostering a pioneering spirit and driving innovation in the industry.

Recognizing the importance of digitalization, the SV Group sought a solution to increase efficiency across its 500+ employee restaurants, cafeterias, and bistros. They partnered with braintec to implement and integrate all operational processes into Odoo to ensure seamless data flow and deliver an exceptional user experience.

From POS to Billing

Before implementing Odoo, restaurant managers had to navigate a complex landscape of POS transactions, entering data through multiple entry points, resulting in inefficiencies. With Odoo's integration and tailor-made modules by braintec, all cash register point of sale data now converges smoothly into Odoo Accounting. This provides restaurant managers with real-time insights into sales and revenue. The new overview helps improve customer satisfaction, optimize inventory levels, and effectively plan orders.

The SV Group also invoices consumption expenses to their clients, such as businesses, schools, and public institutions. These entities offer discounted meal options to their customers, who use rechargeable cards to pay for their meals. This complex arrangement led to a time-consuming billing process. To address this challenge, braintec tailored Odoo's standard solutions to align seamlessly with SV Group's workflows through custom developments. The result is a simplified  integration of financial data with Odoo, enabling automated and precise billing of expenses and discounts at the end of each month.

Revolutionizing Sustainable Menu Planning

Data clarity and accuracy have revolutionized menu planning for SV Group. Restaurant managers now have access to a repository of over 6,000 recipes within Odoo, complete with ingredient specifications, health considerations, and mandatory nutritional labeling. This not only saves time but ensures the highest culinary standards, offering a delightful variety of options.

Optimizing Efficiency Across the Board:

The digitalization journey with Odoo and braintec has brought about significant improvements:

  • Production and Logistics: Operational efficiency across production, logistics, and food preparation has been significantly optimized.
  • Financial Process: The integration of financial data with Odoo has simplified processes, enabling automated and precise billing of expenses and discounts.

Elevating User Experience

Overall, the digitalization journey with Odoo and braintec has significantly optimized efficiency across production, logistics, food preparation, and the financial process while elevating the user experience for all stakeholders.

Implementation Partner

Al-Jedad Holding: Transforming Business with Odoo