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Ask questions & give answers

Simply register on the forum to post questions and answer existing ones.

Share link

Submit interesting content from any website to the whole community and start regular discussions threads.

Start discussions

Receive and share insightful information and advice on any topic.

Edit & correct

Improve your submitted questions, comments and answer even after their publication.

Enrich discussion

Embed videos and images to your messages.

Email gateway

Answer any follow-up email straight from your mailbox.


Subscribe to interesting content and get email alerts when a new answer is posted.



Provide well-organized and easily accessible content with categories of topics.

Intelligent answers layout

Keep related answers together in a threaded forum.

Promote content

Place the most viewed posts and the best rated answers at the top of the page.

Official documentation & FAQ

Turn answers into official documentation and display them in a dedicated FAQ section in a simple click.


Upvote / downvote answers

Members rate the quality of the contributions to give the best ones high visibility.

Convert into a comment

Moderators can turn an answer into a comment if it makes more sense.

Avoid spam

Ensure all participants respect rules and that your forums don't get spammed with our Karma reward point system.

Edit & delete

Keep an eye on what is shared and make sure everything is done according to your rules.


Avoid one-time participants and spam by making participants registration mandatory.


Search any topic

Insert any keyword and find all content related to it.

Filter by tags

Use tags to help filter questions and answers related to the same topic.

Sort content

Organize by relevance, last activity date, newest, most answered, most voted.

Highlight questions

Each conversation you follow or that hasn't received an answer is highlighted for better accessibility.


Text layout

Insert text styles like headers, bold, italic, etc., with our simple WYSIWYG editor.

Embed images

Load images from your computer or from a website and place them within your text.

Links & tables

Hyperlink part of your text to send readers to external content and draw tables to organize your content.


Grant badges

Reward your active contributors with badges according to their participation.

Karma Points

Give members points for participation to keep them active and give them access to new functionalities.

Grant access to more tools

Allow access to functions like vote, comment, and edit when participants reach a certain level of Karma.

Profile personalization

Members can create a profile to showcase their work and wisdom.

Optimize & promote

Improve SEO

Odoo's "Promote" tool suggests keywords according to the most searched terms on Google.

User-friendly URLs

Give your web pages a readable address to get the best referencing and to allow users to easily preview the page's content.

Share on social networks

Allow your viewers to interact with your content on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn and to engage through comments and ratings. Embed your content on websites, blogs, and social media.

Social pop-up

Engage contributors with a popup to share their answers on social networks and gather more visitors.