Partner Success Story: Scaling Your Business with Odoo
Locatie: Second Floor - Hall 2 - 30-11-2023 11:00 - 30-11-2023 11:30 (US/Eastern) (30 minuten)
Stephen Simons
Stephen Simons

Stephen Simons is the CEO of Restyn, an Odoo partner focused on mid-size and high growth enterprises that want to empower people to use technology more effectively by driving grassroots innovation and building high quality enterprise platforms.

Choosing an enterprise software platform for a growing business can be challenging. The majority of platforms target either small businesses or large businesses, with the mid-size enterprise and high-grown companies often left trying to stretch small business tools beyond their intended use. Or, these companies are forced to embrace the high costs, and greater demands on resources, required to operate large enterprise solutions to help a business scale from a few founders to hundreds of employees, with millions of dollars in revenue. 

In partnership with Restyn, Odoo delivers a solution to this dilemma, by providing a stable, scalable, secure, and highly-functional platform for growth, built to enable small businesses to grow without the usual obstacles and interruptions that the last generation of technology forced upon the common founder. This talk will focus on how to plan for (and optimize) your business' expansion by utilizing the Odoo platform. With Odoo, businesses (large and small), can align their technology and goals in a financially sound and fundamentally innovative way.