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Bay Alarm Rings the Sound of Success with a 36% Increase in ROI through Odoo
Customer Success Story Community Talk
Lieu : Hall 7.C - 08/11/2023 12:00 - 08/11/2023 12:30 (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)
Bay Alarm Rings the Sound of Success with a 36% Increase in ROI through Odoo
Chintan Shah
CEO à Brainvire Infotech
Chintan Shah
CEO à Brainvire Infotech

Chintan Shah is a successful serial entrepreneur who has aided numerous businesses in achieving digital transformation. His strong vision, extensive knowledge, and 25 years of experience make him the ideal partner in facilitating change. 

His accomplishments include founding a company with 1800 employees, assisting businesses in tripling their revenue within two to three years, increasing operational efficiency by 40%, and more. In addition, he has helped several companies, including Walt Disney, Southwest Airlines, Fox Sports, Isha Foundation, Balubaid, American Tire Depot, and others, in producing results of a similar nature for their operations.

For over 70 years, Bay Alarm Medical has been dedicated to securing the most vital aspects of seniors’ lives - family, wellness, and independence - through cutting-edge medical alert technology and reliable emergency call center services.

Bay Alarm Medical had an outdated legacy system that caused operational inefficiencies. As a result, the system needed to provide the necessary insights into business operations and customer service. As a result, they needed to modernize their plans. Brainvire helped them achieve their goals via Odoo and ensured the solution was HIPAA-compliant which is crucial for any healthcare business.

Challenges and Solutions
->Odoo Migration to Centralize a Scattered System:
The biggest challenge for Bay Alarm was the scattered nature of their workforce systems. The company was using multiple tools and software for different functions. They relied on numerous Excel sheets and other custom solutions to handle all their business affairs. We helped them migrate from Odoo v13 to v16 successfully, and also utilize it to its potential. It served as a centralized platform for managing all business processes, making it easier to track sales, manage inventory, and provide better customer service. It not only just solved these challenges but resulted in a reduction of 60% in the manual intervention and a boost in productivity by 46%.

->Omnichannel Presence to Deliver Integrated Service:
What Bay Alarm lacked was an omnichannel experience. They could not offer an integrated service to customers across platforms and channels. Brainvire implemented multiple fully customized modules to suit Bay Alarm’s unique needs and ensure HIPAA compliance while dealing with sensitive patient data. We also integrated multiple third-party apps and platforms, increasing the ROI by 36%.

->Streamlined Business Processes and Reducing Costs:
The lack of a unified view of Bay Alarm’s different business operations created redundancies in the overall business process. In addition, managing a vast customer database was cumbersome. Odoo Implementation streamlined the overall business process, as it enhanced the subscription and workflow management, Warehouse and Inventory Management, allowed users to customize functionality, and removed unnecessary dependencies. Overall, it reduced the costs by 28%.

We leveraged the Odoo Authorize.net integration, along with bank reconciliation and CyberSource integration to enhance payments and transaction routing management. Additionally, we also integrated softwares like Five 9, and Telco to improve communication, and Anelto for security.

Key Takeaways
->Odoo can help automate sales processes, manage inventory efficiently, and provide better customer service.
->With the right integrations, Odoo can significantly streamline their accounting and finance operations.
->CRM modules can help track customer interactions and provide personalized support to clients.
->Businesses can customize Odoo according to their need to improve efficiency and effectiveness via multiple integrations with third-party apps, solutions, and platforms.